"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil Armstrong

September Mentoring Trip

The highlight of my trip is the high ropes course because I am not afraid of heights and all of the obstacles except for the first one was really easy and I enjoyed it very much. My challenge in the trip was Jacobs ladder because it was really wobbly and I hate unstable platforms but Aaron helped me reach the 6th rung before the time was up. The Jacobs ladder is a really big ladder thing that is like 10 meters high and it is really unstable and you have to get to the top. I helped Brandon get through the rope course because I encouraged him and showed him how to cross a part of the ropes course.

My Self Managing Skills

As a self manager I am successful at completing tasks and using time effectively.

This supports my claim because I can complete around three tasks a day and that means that I can use time effectively.

As a self manager I want to improve on making plans to ensure that tasks are completed on time. I want to improve on this because sometimes I am not aware of the deadline and have to work really hard in the last few days so I want to prevent that. I need a calendar. I will write down events and deadlines in it and check it every day to make sure that I have everything done.

I am …

I feel like my strongest point is researching because I am curious and have info ready when it is needed.

I need to improve on self managing and sometimes I find myself getting off track and will try to make myself do what I am supposed to do.

Clay Ninja Star

Today I made a big ninja star. I made a paper template using a compass, a very big piece of paper, and scissors. I learned how to use a compass to make circles and make same curves for my blades. Then I cut it out and took a big piece of clay and started to make it into a cube and finally a steak shape with a slight slope. I put it into the slab roller and got a slab and cut it into the ring in the middle of the ninja star and smoothed it the best I can. then I repeated the process until I had the other three blades and used the slip and score technique to stick the blades on the ring and glazed the whole the whole thing. If I redo this I will change the design of the blades and add small blades in between the bigĀ ones. But the whole process was smooth, without big problems.

Very Engaging Title

This post is about diseases and how to prevent it. I will tell you what toeat and what to do and what not to.

If you eat good fats and vitamins and do some exersisze you will prevent sicknesses that will kill you and is the main causes for death. So do it and you will be healthy and good. If you eat too much proceed food or sweet stuff for salt, you will get the sicknesses and DIE.

I brought fruit.I brought it because it is easy to prepare and bring, and is also very healthy. Apples can protect your brain and heart, bananas can boost your energy, and oranges have vitamin C and many more kinds of vitamins. Fruits are organic foods so there are more reason to eat it.

I am from

How do I Feel Blogging, Using Pictures!

When I see a piece of cake it reminds me of the saying “Piece of cake”. I feel that blogging should be a piece of cake because I used WordPress for 4 years now.


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