Spring Rock Reflection

  1. Highlight: What is a highlight of the trip?
  2. Challenge: What was a challenge you over came?
  3. Collaboration: How did you help others? Or how did others help you?

hi: the highlight of the trip was the rope course.

ch: a challenge i over came is the dna strands on the rope course.

co: i helped max by giving him convidence on the first part.


my strength is choosing the right learning space. here is a photo of my favorite area.

i could improve on staying on task. i don’t need any extra support. my actions would be that i would close all unnecessary tabs when i am doing work.

the five importence

I feel like I’m the best on researching. I would like to get awesome at self management by June. I think it would help me improve my future study abilities.  

eternity and infinity

i make a comic about eternity and infinity fighting. i chose to do that because i like marvel comics. i did well on making the story. next time i would make more story.


dead of the night


The picture means I am quite happy about posting, because I always loved halloween.

sisters grimm

this book is about modern-day fairy tales. the sisters named Grimm is a pair of normal modern day girls. Or so they are until they went to ferry port landing… the girls went their because it was claimed that their grandma lives there. After they know their grandma, strange things start to happen. A giant appeared, and took their grandma; the sisters broke jack from jack and the bean stalk out; then he was taken away by the giants to their queen; and the sisters turn themselves into the tin woodmen and mamma bear (by accident). They saved their grandma and goes back in peace.

The sister Grimm succeed because they get all the help they can, from modern day technology to fairy tale magic. They use all the resource they have.

My connection is that this reminds me of another series. It is named the land of stories. But in there, all the fairy tale characters are there

the children of green knowe

only Tolly and Mrs. OldKnowe can see Toby, Linnet and Alexander because they are the only ones who belief in ghosts and has the same bloodline as them. The first reason is more importent, because only after Tolly belief about the ghosts, they appear. The second reason is there because Boggis can’t see the ghosts, alough he belief in it.

beyond the Spiderwick: the nixie’s song

This book is about fairies. But not the purple-glitter-and-wings kind. There are floating jellyfishes and frog-humanoid creatures to just name a few. It is about a boy named nick. Nick is not very happy since a new step-sister roam in with her mom. This girl named Laurie is all about fairies. She had a field guide to fairies. She tries to find a four leave clover. But nick find one. That night nick saw a nixie: a froglike creature. He told Laurie. They rescue the nixie to a pond. After a few days, they find out that the nixie’s name is taloa. She gave nick and Laurie sight: the ability to see fairy. They then goes to see a book sighing event because they find a giant which tried to destroy the whole town. They found out a way to capture the giant, but then it passed out and a man named jack killed it.

I can understand how Laurie feel. I’ve read plenty of books in which the main character’ family member or members was killed. It would be deep crisis.

My connection to it is that in the world, there is a lot of kids who imagine about something unreal to hide their deep pain.



A day at Beach

Kevin is relaxing. It’s been a year since he took any time off. He takes his friend Stella the dragon to the beach planet that they discovered in 2390. Then suddenly Stella sees a group of ships landing. Kevin told Stella to go meet them. The spaceships told Stella that they will take them as jailers. Saying they are the pirates and try to take them to trade for the planet. But Stella then takes the pirates to prison.

Kevin finds out that the pirates were going to find a secret treasure that is hidden on an undiscovered planet. Kevin starts traveling to find it.

When he traveled through the sea of void, he finds that Stella is nervous. He asks why. Stella says that she thinks she has seen the scroll that lead the way to the treasure. Kevin is surprised. He thinks that the treasure might relate to dragons. After he looked at the map again, he decides that this undiscovered planet is nowhere close to the nearest discovered planet.

Kevin and Stella wormhole-leap to the undiscovered planet. There he finds a dragon, a race he thought was extinct except for Stella. Stella realizes the dragon is her little brother. Kevin and Stella try to convince the dragon to go back with them. But the dragon had promised to stay on the planet forever. The treasure was finding a group of egg that allow the dragon species to live on.

Kevin told his fellow scientists about this adventure and they started to study the species of dragon. Kevin and Stella are now back to their normal lives and stayed like that. Kevin still goes to the beach planet on off days and he is now working on building a lab on the undiscovered planet that he now calls Dragon Island. Stella and her friends like to stay there. The eggs have now hatched and the species of dragons now live on the planet. There are now more than a thousand dragons and the number is increasing. They also get to be tested for DNA to figure the kind of dragon they are. Stella is a star dragon and there is also fire, ice, grass, and ghost dragons. They managed the species of dragon and lived forever.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the lighting thief

Percy Jackson is a half-blood. his father is Poseidon. He didn’t know that until his mom is killed by the Minotaur. A bit too late.Then he went to camp half-blood. There he met Annabeth and known he is the son of Poseidon. He went on a quest to find Zeus’s master bolt because it was stolen. He finds out Ares stole it and Hade’s helm. He brought it to Olympus and give the helm back to Hade. He gets his mother back and prevented a war in the Olympians.

Percy succeed in this because he used his assistance well. He is also willing to take a risk to go back to Mount Olympus on plane. Since he is a son of Poseidon and cannot fly. He would be strike out of the sky.

My connection to this book is that a true hero has to be lucky. All hero need assistance.


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