Make It: reflection

Looking back on this project, I learned how to create a furniture with multiple, different materials. Knowing what I know now, I would do less of the sanding on the plastic, because it is useless and a waste of time. The mistake I learned from the most was the spray painting mistake. This is because it may damage my cloth if I continued further. One skills I think I can use in the future is the woodworking skill. One thing I am proud of doing is that I created the chair to my best abilities.

Make it: Create and improve

Looking at my first and second prototype, I noticed that plastic don’t work the same as cardboard when its being glued to other things.¬†One of the biggest challenges was to drill a sufficient hole inside of the woods and plastic top of the chair. I struggled to make a nicely spray painted chair leg, because it’s really snowing hard outside.

After getting feedback from my user, I learned that people may not want a blue-legged chair. I took feedback from Austin to improve how my chair works.

da chair

Make it: Develop and plan

During this project, I will need to use plastic, wood, and possibly some nails. I will need to learn how to cut wood to more exact sizes, and I plan to use wood to help me level up my skill level. I got my ideas by doing a brainstorm and I also looked at photos on the internet. I will test it by creating a prototype out of cardboard, since cardboard is easy to make. Also, I will get some feedback from my friend, Austin. I trust feedback from him because he has made a lot of furniture before. Therefore, he would probably give feedback that’s helpful to my design. A skill that I want to develop is that I want to learn how to make a functional chair without nails

length:34 Width:34


above is a sketch/model of my design(dimensions for my plastic part):
The dimensions of the wood is 34 by 6 by 6

all dimensions are in cm

Make it: define and inquire

My user is the people that needs plastic chairs. I noticed that some people need plastic chairs instead of other type of the chairs. I was inspired by a chair that I sat in while I was in first grade, and a design I found on google. A challenge that I may face is that It will be hard to create the legs for the chair. The area of challenge is that it would be hard to make the chair stand up straight and stay there. This design represents me because I likes to make furniture.

my inspiration

wobbly furniture: modern table

da table

In my one day group, I created a triangular table that is very wobbly. The biggest challenge I faced is that the table is extremely wobbly. It’s the biggest challenge because if I don’t fix it, my table wouldn’t be functional. The greatest success was that I fixed my biggest challenge. Something that I would do differently is that I would make a four-legged table, this is because it would be easier to make a frame this way.

One Day: