How To “Cheat” Death By Eating

Every time you take a bite of your delicious meal, have you ever thought of living longer by changing the diet of your everyday meal? I hope you have because if you haven’t you should be before you really regret.

Things I should be doing for long-term health Thing I should be avoiding……
Wholefoods, fiber-rich


Fresh food

Only eat olive oil




Oil, fat


High blood pressure

Uncooked, raw food

Too much sodium (NO sodium dioxide)

After doing some research, the table tells me we should avoid any man-made food, but to eat a lot of whole foods speciously the ones that are fiber-rich because it will help the digestive system.

Healthy snack party!!!

I made dark chocolate covered strawberry it is healthy & delicious these are the nutrition facts :


Total fat 6g                           Carbohydrate 4g 1%                    Protein 1g

Saturated fat 18%                 Dietary fiber                                 Iron 6%

Trans fat 0%                         Sugar 1g                                       Vitamin 5%

Carbs 85%         fat 4%       Vitamin 4%        protein 7% .

As you can see, dark chocolate is very good for your heart and because it has no trans-fat, it won’t have a negative influence to your body, also the vitamin in the strawberry has a positive effect on your digestive system,although it is very healthy, but however there is no reason it influence me or my family.