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Field Study Review

Posted by on January 31, 2019

On January 25th, FA decided to go out to the river and stay out there for the whole first block. TERRIBLE IDEA! I was soooooo cold! We were about 10 minutes away from the school, so that was not too bad. We went on this trip because we needed to collect data every few months to see the differences in the temp, bug activity, and fertility.

Samantha and I measuring amount of dissolved oxygen in the river. Cold, but we bundled up well!


Data Table


In January, the results all said that the amount of DO in water was -0.34mg/L. We tried getting the DO in three different places to get a variety in different parts of the river. They stayed the same every time. The temperature in the river is 5 degrees Celsius. I notice that the data is a little confusing. It might be that we used the computer last time and the LabQuest this time. Next time we go out for a field study, I wonder if the water temperature will be really warm or cold. I also wonder if the amount of DO in the river will go up or down.

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