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Project Collisions: Drop 2 Finalle

Posted by on January 31, 2019

This is our final design for the 10-meter drop. Our group hopes that it goes well and the force is not over 400

Looking back on Project Collisions, I learned that designing a system of sending drones to people’s homes is not as easy as it seems. For example, when designing a package to hold the object, we had to make sure it was padded, did not fall to fast, and hit the force plate. It was not an easy process. But, I learned how to make a parachute and to secure the object inside of a package. Also, before this project I used to think that using a drone to deliver items to your door was impossible and unheard of. But now I don’t. Now I think that it is a cool idea and it will help preserve the world because less cars will drive around every day, so there will be less pollution. Lastly, looking back on Collisions, I realize that it was a good experience for me and a little bit of a challenge, but that is good for me. For example, I spent time with new people and learned new things. I look forward to the next project and the next opportunity to work together with new people.

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