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You Thought This Post Would be Funny? I’m a Frayed Knot

Posted by on February 11, 2019

The macrame hanging I plan to make is called The Atlantis Wall hanging. I do not plan to dye it blue, just make so that I can take it home and hang it up. Having just moved here, our house is very bare and this wall hanging will give it a little pizazz. This is what it looks like:

Image result for atlantis wall hanging macrame

The materials used to make this is rope, a wooden stick/rod, and dye if wanted(I would still use blue if I did dye the hanging).

So, as the materials were handed out, I realized the stick was not big enough. Good thing I had I plan B, so I started on a different wall hanging called the Wilma wall hanging. This is what it looks like online:

Image result for wilma wall hanging by fanny zedenius

(I am doing it in white)

It is not too hard to do, but challenging sometimes and so I did it slowly but surely. These are some pictures of me working on it:



Looking back on this project, I learned how to do macrame. I only did one thing, but the finished project looks nice and complete. This was a great learning experience and I learned something new too. Overall, I will continue to do this in the future and will consider it next year as well.

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