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Skate it up for Happiness

Posted by on February 11, 2019

Who is Skateistan? What do they do? Where? Why?

I signed up for a project, Masterpiece With a Message and we a going to paint a skateboard for our project. We are doing this for Skateistan, a company who raises money to buy skateboards and then goes to different places around where kids don’t have many toys and gets them connected to each other with skateboards. They are in Cambodia, Afghanistan, South Africa, and more. They do this so that poor kids are happier all over the world.

What areas of this project do you think will be challenging? Why?

Some ares of this project that I think will be confusing are that I am not a very great drawer, so my skateboard design might not be as cool as it is in my head. I also think another challenge for me is painting. There might not be all of the colors I want/need and I could smudge my design before it dries all the way. That is something that really worries me.

This is my design of the front of the board

This is what Ii realized plan to do to the skate deck

After a little, I realized that it would be a plain back. So, I added stuff onto my plan.


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