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Ignite Week: Make It: Express It

Posted by on February 13, 2019

What materials and techniques will you apply?

Continuing on with Ignite Week, we are progressing on our skateboards. I changed my plan from the words to a flaming cobra. The materials that I will use on my skateboard are the skate deck, wheels, paint markers in different colors, pencils, tape,  spray paint, erasers, printed pictures, and tracing paper. These all contribute to making the skateboard. I use the pencil to trace the printed images onto the board, and the tracing paper helps with that. After tracing, I will cover the traced parts with tape, spray paint the board black, and then wait for it to dry, then peel off the tape. I will then use the paint markers to color in the traced images. To do this all, I will use creativity and imagination. I will use my art skills to make the board look presentable.

Who can provide you with effective feedback?

When making something or writing a paper, you usually go and ask one of your buddies to read it over and then you ask them for feedback. When people are bidding, they will be the ones who give me feedback on how to make it better if I do it again. They might say to make the colors brighter, too add more detail, ect.

This is me tracing the cobra

This is what it looks like underneath

These are the paint pens I plan to use:

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