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Ignite Week: Express It: Create & Improve

Posted by on February 14, 2019

What Worked and What Didn’t? Why?

Wrapping up Ignite Week, I am looking back and seeing what worked and what didi not. The thing that worked the most was the flames. They were an original idea and is now part of board. Something that also worked was the black spray paint. From the beginning I liked the idea of a black background and so I kept it. Unfortionatly, something was bound to go wrong. That mistake was the word, “YES” and the two sentences that followed. I realized that they would take too long to do and what would I color them? Sadly, they were a fail.

What Was Most Challenging and How did you Overcome This?

There were a few challenges but the biggest one was that the flames took FOREVER, to color in. I had to color dark orange, then light orange, and then smear them together so that they looked like flames. Then, on top of that, I had to paint the rest of the flames yellow and then smear that with the orange. The overall product looks superb but that part was very challenging.


This is what the front of the board looks like

This is what the back of the board looks like

These are the paint markers that I am using

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