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Ignite Week: Express It: Reflect

Posted by on February 17, 2019

What Are Some of the Skills That You Developed?

Finishing up Ignite Week, I am looking back and processing some of the skills that I have developed. I have learned how to spray paint, which is really cool. I have never ever done it in my life before this week and I always thought that you just hold it in place. Now I know that you NEVER hold it in one place or it will drip and will will have to much spray paint. I also learned how to use paint markers. Before this week, I thought that all you did was open the cap and draw. No.  Turns out, you are supposed to shake it VERY WELL before using to get the paint moving around.

This is the link I used to look up some stuff about Skateistan:

Theses are some pictures from the website:

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