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April Field Study

Posted by on April 12, 2019

On April 8th, FA 7 went down to the river. It was sunny, but chilly. There were a bunch of purple flowers sprouting up all over the place. Unfortionatly, there were spiders and bugs there too. So gross!



I’m measuring the temp in the river. To many bugs!


In April, the river still did not smell good. Everything is starting to bloom, grow, or blossom. Trees have green leaves and grass is growing. The LabQuest did not work, so we did not get the DO of the river. Fortionatly, we had a thermometer and got the temp at our locations. …(describe results for this trip. Use specific data points).


(Sorry if it is blurry)


I notice that the data with the LabQuest stays mostly the same at -34.74. I also have noticed the the temp is different every time we go, but when we go, the temp we get is usually close to each other. For example, in November, the temp was 7, 9, and 8.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if the temp will get really high because it is hot out. I also hope that the Lab Quests work so we can get the DO of the river. Maybe there will be ducks or fish in the water next time we go!

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