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Project Entrepreneur: Collaborator

Posted by on May 23, 2019

One thing I am doing well as a collaborator is that I encourage the other members of my team to share their ideas and help build other ideas. This has helped our team because if I had not done this, we might have not been doing the candles inside of the jars. I am glad we have the candles because they are fun to do, and a lot easier than pens and pencils. I remember when Yvonne said she had an idea, but did not sound very confident in herself. I encouraged her to share it, and that is where we got our candle idea.

One thing I can do to become a better collaborator is to trust my team more. When we first started the project, I did not think Brooke could stay on task, as she got distracted very easily. I also thought that Yvonne might not be able to get all her work done. As we continued through the project, I have started to trust them more with their work, and am not as worried about them anymore.

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