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Ignite Week: Post 1

Posted by on June 6, 2019

This is my plan for today and tomorrow:


I got my idea to write a story because I was given an assignment to write a story and I chose to write about a series I love, Wings of Fire, which is still releasing. The next book comes out on July 30th. I stopped writing it a while back when I was only a chapter in. But, now I have picked it up again and we are going places.

Below I the prologue of my story, Rise of the IceWings. Enjoy!


  An IceWing flew as fast as she could. Her queen had given her a message. “Flurry,” she had said, “this must be given to the SeaWings. It is important that it gets there. Don’t touch it though, it is magic. I have others flying to the other kingdoms. It will make the other queens bow down to us and give their riches right over.”

“Who else is on this mission?” she had asked.

Polar, Flake, Penguin, and Alpine,” the queen had answered.

“Ever dragon from every tribe! We will rule over the entire continent. Pyrria will be mine!”

Flurry realized that Polar, Flake, Alpine, and Penguin all were in the First Circle like her. Only the highest ranking dragons were given such important tasks, as they were in the First Circle. The queen was still ranting on about world domination and such, so Flurry tuned back in.

“-all of them! All of the kingdoms will all bow to me and the rest of the IceWings. We will take over the whole continent with these gems. When they work, we will get matching ones for all the dragons in Pyrria. I will control everyone!” she continued along this line for a bit, until Alpine prodded her gently with a claw, reminding them they had a task to do. The queen stopped right away and motioned for some guards to come over. Flurry and Alpine lined up next to the other IceWings and were both given a gem. Flake was first, he got the NightWings and RainWings. He would be accompanied by Polar. Penguin got the SandWings, Flurry felt a small stab of sympathy, as Penguin would have to travel to the center of the desert to plant the gem. Flurry brushed the thought away, it was Penguin’s fault she stood there. Alpine got the MudWing one, which meant that Flurry go the SeaWing’s. Flurry would be flying the farthest, but at least Alpine would have to go the same way as her. She would have some company. Once all the gems had been distributed, Queen Shard gave some very strict rules like, don’t open the bags, Don’t lose the bags or the gem, and don’t get sidetracked. After this, she sent us off on our way.

The gems were each colored for the dragon would wear them, an emerald green for SeaWings, ruby red for SkyWings, sandy yellow for SandWings, dark red/brown for MudWings, and a dark violet black for the NightWings and the RainWings. The gem for RainWings and NightWings changed colors when the sun hit it.

Flurry had set off for the sea with Alpine a day ago, and was getting tired.

“Do you want to make camp?” Flurry asked Alpine.

Alpine glanced at her then looked away. “No” She continued one, but Flurry was tired.  Flurry glared at her, but it was clear Alpine had no intention of stopping. Flurry shrugged, and slowed in the air, looking for a patch of clear ground. Two moons were out, so she could see well. Nothing. She continued on, scanning the ground. Still nothing. She hovered in the air for a moment, and spotted a small cave tucked next to the Diamond Spray Delta. She dove down to the ground and peered inside. It was a simple cave, smooth gray walls, a few puddles of water, a drip or to from the top, but best of all, it was freezing inside of it. Flurry was pleased with herself, she caught a rabbit and devoured it, then curled up on the ground to get some sleep.

She woke up with the sun and left the cave, and flew as fast as she could to the sea. It took only a little bit, as she was energized. She shot past a very bedraggled looking Alpine who had firmly flew on all night, crowing at her slowness. Soon she spotted a sandy beach and beyond that, the sea.

She dove down and landed under the cover of a few giant palm trees. She waited, and waited, and waited. An hour later, she was tempted to start flying in search of the Summer Palace, but was saved from this prospect by the arrival of a young SeaWing clambering out of the waves, followed by an older dragon.

“Princess, you can look here for a present for the Queen.” The second dragon said. Oh. Even better, a princess! She would of course give the gem to her mother the queen.

“Okay,” said the small dragon happily. She promptly dove headfirst into the sand. Flurry crept forward, silent as a snake, and upended the bag on to the sand. She flicked it forward with her claws, making sure not to be seen. The older dragon had her back to her, she was preoccupied with the smaller dragon, who was now stick in the sand and flailing around wildly. Such behavior would never be accepted by dragonets in the Ice Kingdom. She then darted back to the cover of trees and turned to watch. The older dragon finally pulled the princess out, and was now brushing sand off herself. The little dragon bounded over, shaking sand all over the place very unladylike.

“Wowa wowa wow!” the little princess said and showed it to the older dragon.

“Your mother will be sure to love. It will go absolutely fabulous with a necklace…”

Her words trailed away as them slid into water and swam away, barley leaving a ripple behind. From the cover of the trees, Flurry smiled, showing all her teeth. The plan was in motion. Soon, IceWings would rule.


Below is a photo of where I currently am. I am working on the end of Chapter 3 and the beginning of Chapter 4.


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