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Ignite Week: Post 2

Posted by on June 10, 2019

One thing that was challenging for me was that I thought I could get at least 8 chapters done, maybe more but it turns out that there were a few chapters that were longer than others so I only got 6 done. There were less chapters because I had to go back and edit, and often I changed or rewrote things. Something that went well was that there was at least a few pages in each chapter. Ex: Chapter 3 had 5 and a half in it. Chapter5 is about 3 pages. This story is a success because I got a lot done and I will continue to write and I will share this to family and friends who can read it and give me feedback on it.


Overall, I really enjoyed this Ignite week and I am thinking that next year I might continue it. It helped me expand my vocabulary and grammar.

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