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Author Archives: hazel.stephens

Field Study March

  Angel and Samantha are taking the DO of the river. They were careful not to fall in!   On March 7, FA went down to the river. There a terrible surprise awaited us/me. So many SPIDERS! They were terrible and crawly and creepy. We collected the data as fast as possible. The temperature at … Continue reading »

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Project Collisions #2

<Insert Image> Our team constructed the first design using tape, scissors, string, and .  Multiple drops took place and we noticed that <qualitative information – what did you notice during the drop> In order to improve our design, we paid attention to area where it failed. The following “FAILS” happened during the drop: <insert list … Continue reading »

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Absolute Freedom of Speech…Or Not?

For this project, I did a poster with two different people that each believe in something different.  The first one, Linda Billows, believes that there should be absolute Freedom of Speech with no limits. The second one, Max Riders, believes that there should be limits on Freedom of Speech. Sorry if it is blurry. … Continue reading »

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Ignite Week: Express It: Reflect

What Are Some of the Skills That You Developed? Finishing up Ignite Week, I am looking back and processing some of the skills that I have developed. I have learned how to spray paint, which is really cool. I have never ever done it in my life before this week and I always thought that … Continue reading »

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Ignite Week: Express It: Create & Improve

What Worked and What Didn’t? Why? Wrapping up Ignite Week, I am looking back and seeing what worked and what didi not. The thing that worked the most was the flames. They were an original idea and is now part of board. Something that also worked was the black spray paint. From the beginning I … Continue reading »

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Ignite Week: Make It: Express It

What materials and techniques will you apply? Continuing on with Ignite Week, we are progressing on our skateboards. I changed my plan from the words to a flaming cobra. The materials that I will use on my skateboard are the skate deck, wheels, paint markers in different colors, pencils, tape,  spray paint, erasers, printed pictures, … Continue reading »

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You Thought This Post Would be Funny? I’m a Frayed Knot

The macrame hanging I plan to make is called The Atlantis Wall hanging. I do not plan to dye it blue, just make so that I can take it home and hang it up. Having just moved here, our house is very bare and this wall hanging will give it a little pizazz. This is … Continue reading »

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Skate it up for Happiness

Who is Skateistan? What do they do? Where? Why? I signed up for a project, Masterpiece With a Message and we a going to paint a skateboard for our project. We are doing this for Skateistan, a company who raises money to buy skateboards and then goes to different places around where kids don’t have … Continue reading »

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Project Collisions: Drop 2 Finalle

This is our final design for the 10-meter drop. Our group hopes that it goes well and the force is not over 400 Looking back on Project Collisions, I learned that designing a system of sending drones to people’s homes is not as easy as it seems. For example, when designing a package to hold … Continue reading »

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Field Study Review

On January 25th, FA decided to go out to the river and stay out there for the whole first block. TERRIBLE IDEA! I was soooooo cold! We were about 10 minutes away from the school, so that was not too bad. We went on this trip because we needed to collect data every few months … Continue reading »

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