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Henry Kim & Suhan Jin’s One Day Project

First of all, we used lots of beats in our beat project, like ‘Against Time Keys, Afloat Beat, Altered State Beat 02, Beat Machine, Drum Set, After Party, Dub Smash, Orchestral Kit, French Horn Solo.’ Our original plan was to make a garage band music beat with TaekWon, but unfortunately he couldn’t come in 1/31, so me and Suhan made a music together. Our song has a bright tone, and we made it successfully, also for me, it was the first time to make a garage band music properly, because when I was 6th grade, during music class, I didn’t know how to make garage band well, but now I think I achieved it today. Therefore, we think we made it with collaboration and I think our collaboration made us successfully make the music.

My Humanaties Goal For This Year

My Humanaties Goal for 2018~2019

My goal is to work on the writing and analyzing instead of just explaining, by including more examples from the text to your writing.

My Student As a Learner Goal

This is my goal for 2018~2019

I think I have to work on collaboration towards challenge, because last year I didn’t want to participate the tasks we did. Therefore, this year I want to make some changes.

Henry’s ThingLink

This is my Ancient Greek ThingLink.

My Hero’s Journey

Here is my Hero’s Journey Book.

History of the Wheel

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One Day Basketball Dribbling Tutorial (Group member: JungBin and Dustin)

Today, me, Jungbin and Dustin is going to make a video about basketball dribbling for the beginners. For example, we will teach about to bounce the ball, rotating the ball…etc. Also, if we have time we will teach other skills and postures in basketball.

The Timeline

8:30- 9:30

We will practice the skills for the video.


Make the script and start to take the video


Finish the video and edit it.


Publish the video and play basketball during free time.

We just finish the intro, dribbling and how to make the easy way to bounce the ball.

We have to work on rotating the ball, low/high postures and blocking the ball. Also the conclusion.

Kind of tired.


The audience: The beginners to play basketball.


Finished making the video. In fact, our plans was finishing video at 12:30, but we finished in at 11:30.


Blocking the ball and low posture

Ready to pass

shooting the ball


I liked the part that we cooperated each other and I could improve the part that I mumbled. I wish the audience learned some of the skills that we showed on the video.

My Nutrition (Nutrition and diseases)

My food diary

Monday 30th October

Breakfast: squared shaped rice with spam and boiled egg.

Lunch: squared rice with spam and boiled egg.

: Bark soup with rice.

Total drink: water 890ml milk approximately 189ml

Snacks: bread and cereal (corn flake)




A stroke occurs when there is an interruption or blockage of blood supply to the brain tissue. Blood is vital to brain cell health as it carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain, so without oxygen and nutrients, the brain cells will begin to die.



health avoid
More activity

Fish, fruit and water

Fiber foods and low salt and sugar

Processed and carbonated food


Too much cholesterol, soda, coke


I learned about the things that are bad and good to myself. The nutrition is important in real life.

I learned that I should think more about nutrition and eat more healthy food.

Scratch project

Please enjoy my I am from poem

This is my I am from poem from storybird, please leave a comment if it’s nice. (don’t laugh if it’s horrible or funny!)

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