Soccer on Sunday

One day, Jack and Annie were given two Soccer Olympic tickets, ring (it’s going to glow when they complete all the missions) and three missions: Humility, Hard work,   Meaning, and purpose. The missions are connected Pele, which means, they need to meet Pele and get hints.  So they “boarded” on the tree house, and went to Canada. They went to the Olympic stadium with Roberto’s help. When the game was over, the ring still did not glow. So they tried to follow Pele, they missed him. Then they decided to go back to the city, to find him. They fortunately heard about the magic show. Then they saw kids playing soccer, so they also played soccer. When the game was over, they saw a clock and they noticed that the magic show was only 5 minutes left to start. They started to run to get to the place, but the time was over. So they went in to the cafe and they talked a lot. When Roberto came with sentence “Enthusiasm is everything”, the ring started to glow. So it was time to say good bye. So Jack and Annie went to the tree house, but it landed it on wrong place. It was actually planned, because there were their friends to congratulated them. Then they finally returned to their house.

I think this book is connected to a book of A to Z mysteries series, because it’s about completing missions with some clues, and it’s also fantasy.

The character Jack is similar to me, because he likes soccer and I also like soccer  lot. I’m jealous about him, because he went to Soccer Olympic.


Complete a blog post labeled Wellness Learning
1.  Why do you think it is so important to learn about wellness?
I think it is because to be healthy and to learn about our body systems.
2.  What are some ways you practice wellness?  What are some ways you could improve?
I think learning this  progress of this unit is just practicing wellness. I probably could improve vocabulary of wellness.
3.  In learning about how to keep various body systems healthy, we discussed both healthy habits and things to avoid.  Choose one system and comment on how to maintain its wellness. Remember the posters are at the back of the room and your inquiry booklets are also available.
 Skeletal systems- calcium, exercise…etc
4.  What did you learn about yourself from your wellness project?
 I learnt about our body system, and how they work. I also learnt how to keep our body healthy.

The Homework Machine

Sam is knew to the school because at his old school the rumor that Sam refused haircut, so he got kicked out of the school. However, he made a friend called Brenton, Judy and Kelsey. Brenton actually didn’t had any friend. But one day, he had a great idea to make friends.  It was making “Homework Machine”. Although it was not a good thing to do, he actually made it and that’s how he got part of Sam and his friend.

But there was a rumor that some students at the school are using homework machine. But then they took a risk. They kept on using it, but one day, they knew their fault. So they threw the machine to the canyon.

Then teacher asked who threw and made homework machine, so they blamed themselves.

The Shop that Sells Time.

Timmy walked in to the school again to get his lunch box. Noah was waiting for Timmy to go to buy a snack. Timmy finally found his lunch box went back to the main gate of the school to meet Noah. Timmy saw Noah and he said hi to him. They went to the shop. Suddenly the shop changed, “Time shop”.

Timmy goes in to the shop and the man was standing. The man just recommended a dice. He bought it and went out to the shop with Noah. He rolled the dice, 5. Suddenly the time went back to 50 minutes back.

—— I only read up to here——

I think this book is similar to the “The man” because both of them are about “time”.

Nine years old’s life.

In the book, there are a main character in nine year’s old. His name is Jack and his family was very poor. They moved their house to top of the mountain. They built their house illegally and lived there.  There were also some people there and they were all friendly except for old inspiration. He stole the rice of Frank’s house because they didn’t give him a money. Jack’s  dad saw that and thought it was unfair because, only Frank and his older sister was living without their parents. So Jack’s dad became more cunning and said to him that you also built the house illegally, so you shouldn’t be taking their rice or money from them.

There was also a men called “Philosopher” because he was always in the room of his house and studying to go to university. So, his name became Philosopher. Later the book of the story, he killed himself because he got too stressed.

At the school, the teacher always hit Jack but without any sound. But luckily Jack won a art competition. So he became a normal student.

This story is very similar to me because I started to get in to my life, when I was 9 years old.

In The Year Of The Jackie Robinson

Dear Family,

I’m Shirley and a lot of things happened in America as you expected. I will tell you some stories. One time during the winter, there were one mare girl in our class. So when we voted for the Christmas presenter every boys chose Tony and all the girls chose Emily. So of course, Emily became a presenter.

Mom and Dad, I just want to tell you about Mable, my first friend. She was the one who actually hit my face when the day. But after the day, I saw Mable just walking to the school without umbrella. So I shared my umbrella, and that was when we became friend.

From Shirley

cooking blog 2

After you have completed the preparation for the Banana-Rama Bread, please use these ideas to complete a reflection on your blog.
1.  Compare the preparation of the muffins to the banana bread.  Other than the obvious food differences, what was different about the preparation? What was the same?  What worked well in your group?  What are some things you are still not sure of?
     I think it was different between muffin and banana bread. Because I we used different shape and size of container, and we used butter milk only for banana bread.
     I think we worked hard for the first time of cooking and also in second time.
2.  How did you use fractions in this recipe?  What would have happened if you had to double the recipe?  What is the difference between and teaspoon and a tablespoon? We used fraction to measure things, and it would burn if we double recipe. It is different because table spoon is a lot more than teaspoon.
3.  What is a helpful hint to someone else that might make use this recipe.
 Making butter milk would be the best hint.
4.  What was a highlight for you about today’s experience (other than eating the delicious bread)?
 Highlight for me is that I worked together and shared jobs with my team.
5.  Any other comments.

Science unit reflection

1.  Since one of the standards of this unit was to introduce you to how a scientist thinks, what are some insights you have learned from this unit about scientists?
I’ve learned that all the scientist makes question instead of answering it.
2.  Which of all the experiments/demonstrations that you did was your favorite?  Why?
My favorite experiment is my science fair experiment, because I saw a lot of cool results with different questions.
3.  How do you think this unit is going to make you more ready for science in grade 6? It makes me think like that because we are opening the door of the science.