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Tianjin Overnight Trip

The trip to Tianjin was amazing! My favourite part and highlight of the trip was probably when we were doing the high rope course. I found it really fun going through the course and it was especially fun doing the zipline. Although one thing that was sort of a challenge for me was the DNA part of the course. DNA was a ladder type of shape that twists around. So in the middle of the shape, there was a part where it would flip to the other side which you’ll have to climb. At the part where it twists, I found it really hard to get to the other side. But overall I did it and I feel proud of myself. Through the trip, I feel myself bonding with more friends because they helped me through jacob’s ladder and other team building activities when I need help. This is what I think of the overnight trip. It was very enjoyable and I hope we do things like this in the future.

Me As a Self Manager

As a self manager, I am successful at respecting others’ right to work by not disturbing them. I can usually find a suitable and comfortable learning spot for myself. By doing that, I am focused on my work so I tend to not be distracted and distract others around. Although we might sit together at times, but we mainly focus on our work and not talk as much.

In order to be a better self manager, I would like to improve on making personal plans to ensure that tasks are completed on time. I would like to start setting goals and timers to help me be on track and complete tasks in this amount of time. Therefore I will put a sticky note on my desktop screen to set my goals and use a timer to track my time.

That is what I’m good as a self manager, and my area of improvement that I would like to focus on.



My True Self

Today, I feel like being a communicator because I like to talk and communicate with others. I like sharing ideas and starting conversations.

Self Management because I would like to be able to complete tasks on time, and know when is it the time to do what. Also I would like to organize my time wisely and manage myself at all times.




One Day DIY Skincare!!!

For one day, I was is the DIY skincare group! It was really fun and enjoyable and I loved making it! I made flubber soap, bar soap and lip scrub.
Flubber soap was really fun to shape it and had a really unique texture. But it was a big challenge to keep it from drying up. At first, it was really stretchy but then started drying up. I learned through the process that you cannot let it get in any contact with air and that flubber soap is more of a fun DIY project but not exactly the best thing for actually using. Next time if I am going to make it again then I will definitely make it the day of the exhibition instead of the day before.
For bar soap I imagined that it would be really hard to make but actually it wasn’t that hard! It was really cool to make it and it didn’t take a long time! Melting the soap base was definitely a big challenge because if it is a bit to hot the soap base will bubble over and burn but if it isn’t microwaved enough then it won’t really melt and will turn back into solid form quickly. So to solve this problem we had to always watch the microwave and set it on a low timer. One thing that I learned from the process of making soap is that after the soap base melts, you have to stir in the scent and coloring quickly before it turns back into solid form. Next time I will definitely watch my soap base at all time when it is being microwaved instead of wasting so much more soap base.
The fastest to make was definitely the lip scrub, it was so easy and fast to make. I didn’t really have any problem with making it and since it is made out of granulated sugar, I wasn’t afraid to eat it! I will definitely make this again!

My Storybird: Interest Of Life

This image makes me feel…


This image shows how I feel about posting right now. And as you already guess, I’m feeling so excited! I used this image because I love theme parks, I mean who don’t?

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