C-POP Catchall Gone Wrong! [DESIGN TECH]

hello everyone!

for design tech this year, we were assigned a project in which we were to create an organisation catchall. here is my reflection.

one thing  i would’ve done differently is i would’ve used a different media, as 3D printing did not allow me to reach my full potential with this project.

to another student doing this, i would tell them to only use 3D printing for small things.

this fits with my client because the box is perfect for my client storing her index cards. this was done because my client does a lot of debate.

congratulations! you have reached the end of this blog ^-^




We decided to do a dance cover of Everyday by Winner. We used the mirrored dance practice to learn it. However, we also needed to remember how to make it look good as a group (e.g. synchronization, etc.).


Once we had all learned the dance individually, we had to practice together as a group. However, we had some trouble, as some of us couldn’t get the moves and others couldn’t get the feel. So, we had to help each other, thus developing our collaboration skills.


After we had practiced as a group for awhile, we decided to film a video to reflect. From there, we pinpointed areas we were weak in and tried to improve on those parts.


In my opinion, I think that we did well, though there is still room for improvement. Overall, our synchronization, energy and sharpness are quite good.


I chose DANCE as my OneDay project because I wanted to practice/improve more, and I wanted to hang out with my friends.

We would make a dance video of BTS’s DNA. First we would film a few clips and then we would edit them together.

For OneDay, we finished filming the last few clips and edited them together.

I learned that even if you put a lot of energy into your dance, it still won’t show up, so you need to practice other aspects also.

Things I could do better on is sharpness and stamina.

Next time, I think I can work on energy and sharpness in my dance.

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