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"Everything negative- pressure, challenges- are all an opportunity for me to rise" said Kobe Bryant.

Mission to Mars

Jacob is just like any other person, except he lives alone with his sister.  They have been alone for so long now they are as good as adults. Five years ago Jacobs parents were abducted by the government and taken to Mars. The government needed experienced scientists for their next mission. When he sees an ad for luxury rocket ships to mars he is convinced he can find and rescue his parents. Along with his best friend Jacob and his sister, will they make it to mars alone? Or will they rot on earth with 15 billion?


You can read the full story here.



Cells Final Conclusion

My design is repeatable by another person because I have shown the materials needed to carry out this investigation and the amount of each material needed. I have considered and agreed upon an appropriate procedure with my group, it is also step-by-step on how to carry out this investigation. I have also provided a data table that anyone trying to repeat this procedure can use to easily copy this investigation.

I realized that if someone in our FA class was attempting to repeat the same investigation as us, a problem they might come across is schedule. Since we don’t have a determined science class time, a problem someone might come across is collecting the data exactly after the time is up. This is important to get done because if the data is collected, for instance, an hour after the egg is done, we might get a different measure than we are looking for.

If I had to do this investigation again, I make a more detailed procedure, this is important because if someone cannot understand a procedure they might incorrectly carry out an investigation. Another thing to work on is neatness, in some areas of my writing somethings are not very neat and could be improved. The last main area of improvement is an elaboration, I think if I further elaborated in some places the overall document would be neater and more detailed.

The extra data we collected for a better understanding is the amount of liquid. We used two extra eggs and used the same the liquid but in different amounts of liquid. We did this because we were wondering if the egg had to be submerged and wondered what would happen if we put less water because having the liquids wanting to even out, we were wondering whether the egg would grow or shrink.


Explanation: When the shell of an egg is removed and it is submerged in a liquid, it will grow if the density is higher and shrink if the density is smaller. According to our investigation, when an egg is submerged in  liquid, it will shrink or grow depending on the density of the liquid. Our first measurement was the before and after in corn syrup and water. When we put the first egg in 175 millilitres of corn syrup, the first weight was 88.27 grams, after 24 hours of sitting in corn syrup is weighed 58.07 grams, this means it lost 30.2 grams. At the same time we put another egg in 175 millilitres of water, its before weight was 79.73 grams, after 24 hours it weighed 90.09 grams, this means it grew 10.36 grams.

Our groups conclusion on why it grew or shrunk was because of the holes and balance. When the egg is placed in liquid, the liquid inside tries to get out so it can even out, but when is put in corn  corn syrup the liquid inside is squeezing out and trying to even out, but the corn syrup on the outside can’t get in because the molecules/particles are too big and can’t get in, so with liquid on the inside coming out, and the corn syrup (liquid) on the outside trying to get, it shrinks. It is pretty much the opposite with the water, the egg is trying to balance out, so the liquid on the inside is going out and water is coming in at a faster rate, thus making the egg grow.

How will we be living in 2050?

As a collaborator, I felt that I did an excellent job of, taking in other ideas and giving constructive feedback, I also feel as if I did a good job feeding to my group when they most needed them. For example, a few times my group got stuck on who would do what, so we came an agreement that I would the overall layout, and he would do most of the smaller details such as drawers and some of the bed, etc. I am happy with the final design because I think the house has a lot of things in it for a small home. I think we made good use of space. One thing that I noticed our group did well together is communicating and staying on task, for the entirety of the time we were working together we used our time efficiently because we were communication, and always had something we were working on, whether it be the spreadsheet, or the furniture, or the windows, etc, we were still being productive. This made the whole project more fun than it would be if we had bad communication, it would not be as fun. One challenge we had when working together was finding a way to decide on where to fit stuff, we both wanted to put certain things in certain places, but they wouldn’t fit, and they were one of the things we said we needed, that was a little challenging. 

What? So what? Now what?

In my story, I am addressing overpopulation. According to the United Nations, that there is expected to be over 9 billion people by 2050. This is because, humans are settling and getting more needs, but at the moment we can supply most of the demands so people have no worry of overpopulation yet.


I believe that we will solve this problem because, in the end, we can move planets, the earth isn’t our main issue, we are. Our primary focus will be ourselves and overpopulation is the biggest problem overall, because everything that is the main issue pretty much leads back to overpopulation.


This makes me realize that there most likely isn’t much of a worry for me in the future because given the rate of development in the past 10 years I believe that a lot will be accomplished in the next 30 years.

River Field Study – Data Collection 3

Current Turbidity:

44 NTU

Flow Rate:

  1. 5.08 / 1 meter
  2. 5.52 / 1 meter
  3. 6.32 / 1 meter



The second data collection is more related than any of the other ones. It seems that as the year comes to an end and the temperature gets colder, the river starts flowing slower than before. This is because the river is almost about to freeze. When we first got there some parts of the riverside was starting to turn to ice.


I wonder if the water flow will be slower next time due to the water starting to freeze.

I predict the water the will continue to get colder as long it continues to get colder if it has reached the peak and it will start to warm up from there.



This is me throwing a light stick into the water as our flotation device. We used it to measure the flow rate.


What has happened to our beloved earth?

My partner told me that it would probably be easier to read and easier to make if I made it in a table then added all my description below and then I just copy pasted all the stuff into a new table and combined them to make one big description.

My original Plan




Colour Coding Explanation:

Foragers- I chose light green to represent foragers because they weren’t much agriculture or technology then so there weren’t many global issues.


Famers- I chose Yellow because the time of farmers was when things were starting to go well and not many issues were arising.


Factories- I chose Grey to represent factories because this was around the time of the modern revolution and there were a lot of problem arising there such as wars or pollution.


Future- I chose light blue to represent the future because nobody knows for sure what the future will be like so its light blue. Another reason it is specifically light blue is I have a more utopian vision of the future so it isn’t fully dark blue.



Icon Description:


Foragers- I chose meat as my symbol for foragers because foragers were hunter gatherers and when they hunt, they hunt for meat. Even though gatherers were the main sources of food, I feel that hunters best represent foragers because of their abnormal large bodies making them more durable for hunting. Another reason I chose meat is because if a hunter was able to hunt a mammoth they could make it last years by combing it with their gathers to make it more conservative.

I chose feet as my symbol for transportation because 200,000-10,000 years ago they didn’t have domesticated animals or vehicles, therefore the only way to get around was walking or running.

I chose the mouth icon to represent communication because foragers did have basic verbal communication, with little words compared to today. Towards the start of foragers time they only basic muttering because full words weren’t formed yet.

I chose the symbol of Village to represent trading because foragers didn’t have a large trading network, the only places they would be trading is inter-tribe because they were only trying to help their tribe out, this also includes ideas, if someone had a good idea they would tell their tribe about it so they can improve their tribe.

believe that foragers greatest achievement is fire. Fire was one of the best and most Important achievements because without fire they couldn’t do many things. One thing fire was used for is creating, foragers would use fire to make their weapons. Another thing they would use fire for is warmth, they would need warmth in the winter for survival. The last big thing they would use fire for is cooking, they couldn’t eat raw food, because if they did then they have the risk of getting a disease.


Farmers- I chose wheat icon to represent food because around the time of Farmers they just discovered domestication. Wheat was the first known domesticated crop. It can be combined with other resources and turned into food, such as bread or cereal. Wheat not only doesn’t take long to grow, but it is also a filling resource.


I chose a horse icon to represent transportation because of domestication. Domestication had allowed farmers to domesticate horses and ride them. It would probably have been possible to domesticate other animals to have the same feature but horses were strong required little resources and fertilised their land.


I chose the speech icon to represent communication because at this time humans had a more similar type of communication as to what have today, it was not completely the same though. At this time people had developed many languages and were speaking words more fluently than even before. This allowed non-contractual communication and non-visible communication.


I chose the civilisation icon to represent trading because around the time of farmers they would trade what they had extra for what they didn’t have or couldn’t make. For instance, farmers could trade horses for other tools that would allow them to breed more horses or to better fertilise their crops.


I chose the domestication icon to represent farmers greatest achievement, because domestication has opened so many doors for farmers in the area of food and work. Domestication allowed selective breeding, selective breeding allowed farmers to grow corn, corn used to be a small and provided little food, then farmers took out the good seeds, planted the good seeds, and threw away the bad or dead seeds, over time they managed to grow the perfect yellow corn we have today. Another example of a way domestication was helpful is transportation. Domestication allowed farmers to domesticate horses so be ridden. Another way domestication was used on animals is cattle, cattle were domesticated to pull heavy carts with longs metal prongs in them to fertilise the soil.


Factories- I chose the icon of feat to represent food because around the time of the modern revolution people were earning more money than ever, there was also minor poverty around this time. But more people could afford expensive food that is why they were having more feasts than ever.


I chose the car icon to represent my transportation because now that people were working in factories more metal items were being manufactured, and cars are one of them and with people making more money they could afford them and they were faster as well.


I chose the phone icon to represent communication because basic phones were invented by this time and this was a way to communicate without directly seeing the person, and everyone has their own number. Although, at the time phones were very expensive so many people could afford it.


I chose the world symbol to represent trading because at this time worldwide trade existed and it was being used by this time. Worldwide trade allowed for more resources, more valuables, and more food. All of this led us to advancement in agriculture.


I chose worldwide trade to represent the modern revolutions greatest achievement because worldwide allowed humans of different tribes and/or cities to give their valuable goods and in return get someone else’s valuable goods. This would be useful for instance if the UK wanted diamonds but their land didn’t have any, and Africa wanted cars but they didn’t have the materials to make it, Africa could give the UK some diamonds and in return get the resources to build a car.


Future- I chose the symbol of a worm to represent food because insects provide lots of nutrition and proteins and there over 1,600 different species that are currently edible. It will probably take a long time for people to get used to this but when they do it will be an alternative to protein and nutrients.


I chose the symbol of an electric car to represent transportation because electric cars will off less pollution and will be easier to get around with. Electric Cars would also allow for a possible self-driving prototype because the system with all be electronic.


I don’t believe that in 30 years there will be anything like telepathy or anything like that although, the iPhone wasn’t believed to be made possible but it was. I believe that the chances are very small. Therefore, it is most likely to be only electronic communication (iPhones telephones etc.).


I chose the world symbol again to represent trade because I don’t believe that there will be a different form of trade in the nest 20 years because again I don’t believe that 30 years will be enough time to find teleportation or other advanced more efficient ways of transportation.


I chose the symbol of A.I. to represent their greatest achievement because I think that in 30 years something that will be achievable is advanced A.I. For instance, let’s use Siri as an example, Siri is a form of A.I. that can understand your voice and respond to it, it can get updated on who won the last baseball game or what’s on the news, this was developed 11 years after the first iPhone came out. With three times that amount of time I think it will be quite easy to develop a new more advanced an efficient A.I.


Population Graph-

River Field Study- Data Collection 2

Today we went on an adventure again to the WenYu river, the reason we have been going to the WenYu river is that we have a year-long data collection unit, I find this field study trip very fun because we get to get out of the classroom. This Field Study has been the most successful so far because we got a Data collection from each of our three locations. The reason this was the best data collection is that we were quick in between collections and we were more cooperative and we each had roles.

A connection between this time and last times data is the NTU. It was not the same although some of the sections were relatively similar. I wonder if the flow rate will be slower or faster next time. I also wonder if the turbidity will go down or stay up.

Location 1:

Flow Rate: 46.30 seconds/ 25 meters

Turbidity Level: 8 NTU

Location 2:

Flow Rate: 1:55.30 seconds/ 25 meters

Turbidity Level: 9 NTU

Location 3:

Flow Rate: 2:58.00 seconds/ 25 meters

Turbidity Level: 13 NTU

Stories of the future: Day Zero

In my opinion, these are the three most significant world problems at the moment…

-Global Warming.

-World Hunger.



Two wonders I have about the future are…

-I wonder if we will be on earth in 2050.

-l wonder if there will still be 8 continents in 2050.


I have an optimistic view of the future because if scientists have made all these cool gadgets today, why wouldn’t they be able to fix all these problems in 30 years.


Looking back on today, how do the topics of food, water, and communities (cities) connect? Or not?

Connect: All three topics are related to having a shortage of something, for example, we learned that there is no water or food for everybody and there is a lack of land to come in the future.

Not Connect: One way some of these are unrelated is that the community section is more a future than the present whereas water is already present.


What is your opinion on the future now?

I used to be Optimistic about the future and I still am because I believe that there is be a way that scientists can find an alternative to these problems. I am not completely Optimistic though mainly because in the present day there are at least 5 Major problems and there will be a lot more in the future and that will be hard to cure although I believe it will be possible.



ISB FA7; We’re in trouble…


How much does Apple Know about you?

Have you ever wondered how YouTube knows precisely what you want to watch, well they don’t, Big Data does. These companies are able to recommend related content based off of what you watch or who follow. In my essay, I will talk about the main reasons we need to share data properly. These are my three reasons: Sharing data make everything more convenient. Sharing our data keeps us safe to an extent and sharing data allows companies to identify the root causes of failure.


Sharing data makes everything more convenient because, with more significant sums of Data, we can accomplish more.  According to Big Data on TedX by Kenneth Cuckier Sept 24, 2014, “When we have big data, we can fundamentally do more things than we could with smaller amounts” This means that they are able to do more relevant things than they could without collecting data, it is no longer randomized. (They know you better than most people do). Also, a lot of McDonald’s in Shanghai, China is using facial Identification to recommend food from their menu to you. In “KFC China Is Using Facial Recognition Tech to Serve Customers – but Are They Buying It?” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 11 Jan. 2017 (www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jan/11/china-beijing-first-smart-restaurant-kfc-facial-recognition) , they said KFC and Baidu have teamed up to make a facial recognition software that can recommend you items based on recent visits, what you are wearing, the size of your body, etc. In addition, this gives both the companies full access to your facial identifications. However, this is good for convenience, but it is a lot of information that if hacked, can be very dangerous. In one hand, there are a lot of amenities to these companies having your facial identifications all in one system and in the other, there is also a considerable risk. While enjoying the benefits of Big Data we need to be aware that sharing too much can be risky and dangerous.




Sharing our data keeps us safe to an extent. According to “Face Recognition” Panasonic ND (security.panasonic.com/Face_Recognition/) , Facial identification is crucial for special forces. Both the FBI and CIA have access to a system that holds everyone’s records including criminal records and facial IDS, this is good because if a crime takes place and it is caught in camera, the Special Forces will be able to identify the person from their system. Healthy eating apps can tell you whether you’re eating healthy enough. Let’s use MyFitnessPal as an example, this company allows you to put what you have been eating and doing throughout your day so they can give an analysis on whether or not you are being healthy enough. This is important for over obese people because it is tough for them to lose weight and this helps them and many others. Big Data has a significant safety bonus.


Sharing data allows companies to identify the root causes of failures.  Companies use your data to improve their company. In “Big Data: What’s Your Plan?”  by Stefan Biesdorf (www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/digital-mckinsey/our-insights/big-data-whats-your-plan), it said companies collect data based on what you most often search for or purchase, so they can more accurately advertise to you. This makes their advertisements more meaningful. A lot of the times a company makes an update to their app it is because the number of users is decreasing and their data showed them why. Certain apps such as Instagram update very frequently because of Big Data, based on every search you make or person you follow they want to find a way that allows you to see what you want and only what you want.  Companies are continually developing new algorithms for their users that keep on becoming more advanced, this is because of Big Data.


Many people are hesitating when it comes to sharing big data because they are merely afraid of being hacked, being hacked is a significant threat. However, you don’t need to share data to be hacked. According to “Apple Can’t Protect You from Data Trackers Forever. No One Can.” By  Alfred Ng, (www.cnet.com/news/apple-cant-protect-you-from-data-trackers-forever-no-one-can/ if you become hacked directly then instead of sharing your data with a company, it’s literally feeding your data to the hackers. This is even worse than being hacked.




In conclusion, I believe Big Data presents a lot of advantages, but these advantages come with a lot of possible speculations. We need to be careful not to click on sketchy stuff such as scams or hacks. In “Scam Statistics.” By Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 19 May 2016, (www.scamwatch.gov.au/about-scamwatch/scam-statistics) it says in 2018 over $83,000,000 and 103,000 people were scammed. This is around 11.1% of their annual salary. The world is constantly advancing in theory, and without big data, we wouldn’t be where we are now.





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Jake Ridlon

My Found Sound Composition

The first step I took to making my found sound project was recording the clips. This is the most natural part of the plan because all I have to do is a record and throw it into iMovie I would look for certain sounds such as quick and high pitched sounds or long low pitches sounds or rythmic sounds or even ongoing sounds.

Then the second step comes in; editing. This is when I take all the clips and find what I want to keep and what I don’t need, after that, I start experimenting with sounds and speeds and combos etc. Next, I put them in iMovie, the clips start becoming laggy when you put short clips in like 0.2 seconds. So it starts to become hard to put more pieces on top of each other or at all. It is also pretty hard to find a good melody/beat.

Then you have to find a way to transition from each section to the next. Finding a smooth bridge location is very difficult to do and if you get it wrong it ruins the two starts and endings.

So, after two week and several drafts, I bring you this…

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