The Ancient Innovation that Shocked the Nation

Grade six has been working on ancient an ancient innovation article and this is mine on mathematics.



To view full PDF, Click here.

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Have you ever wonder what the 5 leading causes of death are?

Hi everybody today my blog post is going to be about the 5 leading causes of death.






This is a chart showing the 5 leading cause of death by nutrition.





I made a juice type tea thing

the ingredients are; Apple juice, Honey and Fruit tea.


I made this because I like apple juice and tea, so I mixed them and added honey to give it a more sugary flavour. In my opinion it turned out really well.


This drink has large variety of fruit! Apple juice %100, fruit punch tea bag and some honey. It has almost no sugar.


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Have you ever wondered where I come from?

This is my story of my life so far… I hope you enjoy it!

This is a project we are working on in humanities.

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Book Review

I think the Gordan Korman is trying to tell us that we should never give up because anything is possible, for example Griffin, Ben and Dmitri kept on trying to train Luther regardless of how difficult it was they kept on trying.


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On my spring break we went to Shanghai and we stayed in my uncles house.

Most of the time we went to the financial district were there was the Pearl Tower. In the Pearl Tower we went to the rotating restaurant and ate almost all of the International food.

After we finished eating we went to a roller coaster and a game city, they were both in the Pearl Tower,

We also went to the Aquarium which a lot of fish and the longest underwater tunnel, supposedly.

On the last day we went to the Yu Garden which was where the emperor went to get peace and now open to the public.

One of my favorite things we did was go to the apple store because I could play A game called Civilization.

We watched star wars ”The Force Awakens” and Man from U.N.C.L.E it was cool.

I played a game called fishing free and minecraft and paradise.

I really enjoyed my Break!



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SeaWorld bird rescuers get to work with pair of white pelicans

Two months ago two pelican arrived at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. They (Pierre and Claire) were both hurt confused and lonely. When they first saw each other they were very exited they waddled over to each other immediately. White pelicans are much rarer in the State of Florida because they often swoop down and steal the fish that the fishermen catch. Pierre’s wing appeared to be broken. Pierre was found in a lake. Claire had been shot. Lara Croft is a veterinarian at SeaWorld. Croft said Claire was hurt so badly she had to remove part of the pelican’s wing. Claire will never be able to fly, but she is able to walk. They walk together. They swim together. They rest together.For now, they share a fenced-in yard with plants and shade and their own pond. Claire hides behind Pierre, scurrying to the far end of the yard when humans come near. Pierre protects her.

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My Weekend

On the weekend I played a game called broforce UPDATED with my brother.

I also had a basketball game on Sunday then a basketball practice.

My little brother had a nerf battle but he ended up only watching a movie.

I watched Alvin and the chimpmunks road chips and Garfield.




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Group gives stray a chance to join police, unleash crime fighting skills



”Hope” was a stray dog.

She had a problem where her bones stuck out too much.  A trained police dog could costs about $6,0000 to $30,000 to buy.  This is the reason why not many police stations have them. They give the dogs plenty of food and a nice warm place to stay.  Hope could easily sniff out balls and hidden objects.

Skaziak started the Throw Away Dogs Project.  It is a group that rescues shelter dogs and gives them to the police.  Jason Walters is a police officer who works with K-9 dogs. He helped Skaziak start the program.  Hope, who’s name was changed to Rosey by Skaziak group, bravely walked passed a mean cage of barking dogs.  Rosey went through nine weeks of training, then, she had to take a test. Sergeant Brian King is head of the department’s K-9 unit. He told Skaziak that the test is called a “courage test” to see how Rosey would act. Rosey stared at the stranger, Her ears perked up, then she started barking. After the test given by Spaid,  he said, “she will do.”

I believe Rosey was very determined to be a police dog.  However, I don’t think police dogs should cost as nearly as much as $6,000 to $30,000.  I think it is amazing that Rosey (Hope) could sniff out balls and hidden objects. I think Rosey is an amazing dog despite having an injury where her bones stuck out and she still turned out to be a great police dog. I think every police department should be able to afford a police dog for a safer environment.



Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.58.39 AM

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As toy drones grow more popular, concerns grow over dangers to aircraft

Toy Drones are becoming very popular in Washington. Some people say drones are dangerous and they could even crash into a passenger plane. Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles. Owen Ouyang bought a $1,000 drone that is supposed to fly 700 feet high and it almost hit a police helicopter. One million drones are expected to be sold every year and can all fly very high. The makers of drones are trying to defend there invention by saying they are completely safe.


I think drones can be dangerous  but can also be useful when used correctly. When I had a remote control helicopter it was like a drone and it was quite dangerous until I learned how to use it. I tried to fly it and it flew right to the roof but then it came back down and it slammed into my finger. It became fun after I learned how to use it.

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A little bit about me.

Hi my name is Jake,

I like playing basketball.

I like playing Clash of Clans and pixel gun 3D.

My Clans name WRECKERS.

I am in 4th grade.



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