My Thing Link was about why the lives were so hard for the boys in Sparta. I had to record some audios and videos to show the interview of me being in Ancient Greece.

Hero’s Journey

This is my hero’s journey. We basically have to write about our main character’s journey to save someone or the world, and writing how their life is in the special world.

A False Accusation

I Am From-Jasmine

Feeling Like Unipoop :)))

I am very excited to post on my own blog, so I chose to post an image of an unicorn poop. Unicorn poop are usually very rainbowish and colorful interesting color, and that’s how I feel about having to post on my own blog :))))))))).

Andrew Clements

A Week In The Woods

After when Mark and his family moved to New Hampshire from new York, at his new school, which is Hardy Elementary school, 5th grade is going on a trip to the woods and the mountains for 1 week. And that program is called, “A Week In The Woods”.
When 5th grade arrived to their own cabins, Mark noticed that Jason, Mark’s friend, was in the same cabin as his. During the 30 minutes break, Jason borrowed his knife to Mark, and it was a problem because on the packing list, it said not to bring any knives. But then, Mr. Maxwell saw the knife and Mark was told to go back home. Mr. Maxwell was being kind of mean to him because Mark was being rude to him and saying, “Does everyone has to go?” Then Mr. Maxwell was mad at him. So Mark ran away, and he got lost. It was lucky that he had some Snickers and Energy Bars, water, compass, and a flashlight. Meanwhile, Mr. Maxwell was looking for Mark everywhere, and also, he had found out that the knife wasn’t even Mark’s. At midnight, they both found each other and Mr. Maxwell had his ankle broken and he couldn’t even talk good. After that, they went back to the campground and went to home.

No Talking

After Dave reads about Gandhi for his Social Studies report, he comes up with an idea, which is no talking, and the 5th grade boys compete against the girls. Then, they figure out that not talking in school and home is really difficult. One day, Lynsey wrote a note to Dave about the word ‘Um’ that counted as a word. But then, the teacher noticed Dave and Lynsey were passing notes in the middle of class, and she took away their note and reported to the other teachers and now, the teachers were getting mad. (But some weren’t, like Mr. Burton)
On Wednesday, in the cafeteria, Ms. Hiatt, the principal, was mad because of the silence in the 5th grade lunch. Everyone was shocked and a little bit scared. After that, Dave was told to go to the principal’s office, and Dave thought that he was in trouble. But he wasn’t in trouble. When Dave got into her office, he noticed that Ms. Hiatt was crying. Then, she said ” Will you forgive me? I think I was suppose to set good examples, but I was angry first.” Dave never thought that Ms. Hiatt will say something like this. But still, it is better than getting in trouble, Dave thought.
The next day, Dave and Lynsey both counted their records, and they were tied.

Jasmine’s awesome and wonderful spring break

In my spring break, my family and I went to the Simatai great wall. We stayed there for two days and the hotel we slept is ‘Wtown’. It was really boring on the bus we rode because I had nothing to do on the bus and we rode on the bus for three hours. About 30 minutes later, I played my phone and listen to music and played my dad’s games on his phone. A bad thing was that I had carsick.
When we arrived to our hotel room, we left our things like our swimming stuff and our clothes and went to visit the Simatai great wall. It took a long time to go up to the very top so we rode on a cable car. I took a lot of photos on the great wall, but mom had a headache since the top of the great wall didn’t have enough oxygen, and the cable car going down closes at 5.
When we got back to our hotel room, we went out to eat dinner. We ate lots of delicious things. My brother and I also ate desserts such as cotton candies, ice cream, and a yeot (some sort of candy that is made out of sugar and is kind of yellowish). I figured out that my brother had an allergy for the yeot.
The next day, we went to the hot spring near the great wall. I liked the inside of the hot spring and the lockers because there were no people, it was very clean, and the water was also clean. My mom and I first went to the outside hot spring, and took many pictures. But then, I accidently went in the water with my phone!!! I panicked. I checked if my phone still works or not. It was broken!!! I didn’t know what to do. The next thing that happened was that I was surprised mom didn’t blame me. She just told me everything was okay.
Then we packed our things and checked out. We waited for the bus to come. I think I had a wonderful and an awesome spring break!!!

Shark Attacks

More people are getting bittn by a shark than ever. It is caused by having more people in the water. Still, it is less likely for you to get bitten by a shark. I the 1950s, there was about one shark attack in California. Now shark attacks happen more often. Havig more people in the water makes it more likely that someone might get bitten by a shark. Scientists think that people are less likely to get a shark attack because there are far few sharks around. It is because fisherman kill about 100 million sharks each year. Actually, the sharks don’t mean to bite us. They just think that our hand or foot is a small fish. A tip to stay away from a shark is to stay away from things that sharks hunt.

Moving To Beijing

I was very shocked, mad, and sad when I heard that my family and I were moving to Beijing. I never wanted to leave all my friends that I made in Shenzhen for six years. I really couldn’t belive that my parents said, WE ARE LEAVING.
I was sad that I had to say goodbye to my friends. Even though we weren’t sure that we were leaving, but I was still really really sad. But actually, my friends were even more sad and shocked than me, especially two of my best friends, who are Julia and Yeoeun.
On my last day of school, I got to have a sleepover with Julia, and go over to Yeoeun’s house and play with her. I was very happy while I was also surprised that my mom let me play with her even if we were very busy.
I felt sick in the airplane because it shooked a lot.
When we arrived to Beijing, I felt that it was cold and the air was better than I thought. And at first, I wasn’t sure if I liked Beijing or not because I still missed my friends very much. But now, I pretty much like Beijing. The thing that makes me like Beijing is my school. I expect that my life in Beijing is going to be interesting…

Ms. Linda Ragsdale-Peace Dragons

Today our class met a special guest – Ms. Linda Ragsdale. We talked about peace and she also told us stories and one was about her husband was angry and the anger transferred to Ms. Ragsdale then the anger transferred to her sons and then the littlest and then she shouted at the cat. But the cat didn’t do anything so the cat is a peacemaker. Another thing that she told us was that she had cancer before but she had survived. We made a list of what school heros could do. She also gave us hero bands.

North Korea Testing The H-bomb

Many people were talking about North Korea because they tested a powerful type of nuclear weapon. It is the hydrogen bomb or the H-bomb.  Punggye-ri is where North Korea tested their H-Bomb. Almost every nations including South Korea, America, Russia, China, and Japan , oppose H-bomb tests. Japan’s leader said that North Korea’s actions are a “serious treat” to safety. The U.N called an emergency meeting. U.N leader said that North Korea’s claims are “deeply troubling”.


I also oppose H-bomb tests and I want to meet North Korea’s leader Kim jeong eun and talk to him how dangerous and serious is it to test the H-bomb test.

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