Grade 7 Trip

The highlight of the trip was overcoming the challenges which were rock climbing, high rope cores, trust fall, and Jacob ladder thing. So, my challenge I overcome was rock climbing and, because first of all rock climbing was the scariest activity in my life, but it was not that scary. Also, another thing is when we were having team building time on day 2, trust fall was really scary that I might just fall on the ground and hurt my body. Continually, I helped others cheering and supporting. Which means, calm down some of the students who is cared of hight. In contrast, others like Angel helped me to calm down and cheering me while I was in the stage of high rope cores, so in that way instead of Angel, others also helped me.

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The Greatest Innovation, The Wheel

This is my essay, the greatest Innovation, THE WHEEL

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Jessica’s Skin products

While I was doing DIY Skincare, The most challenging thing was the limited time and materials. When me and my partner  made tons of lip balms and soaps we didn’t have a lot of empty container. Also, when we were making other products the time was limited. Through the process of completing this project, I learned that working as a team or a partner is important. It’s because when I don’t have many materials my partner brought most of the materials that we needed. Also,  she told me how to make the products. Lastly, If I do differently when I do a similar project again, I would bring more materials . And I would spend the time more usefully and  take a plan specifically to make better product.

Moisturizing Cream:










Lip Balm:

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This is I am from poem. And I created it about my life.

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