James & Tom Oneday project (Furniture making)

James: was sick so, blog post

Tom: Making the table

On oneday,  Tom built a mini table that I could put my computer on and my math homework on. Our goal was to make a stable enough table that could hold a laptop without falling down. Tom’s biggest challenge was sand-papering the un-smooth part by hand. It took most of the work time to sand-paper the woods. However, after putting a lot of effort into sand-papering, Tom realized that there was a sand-papering machine that was able to do something 10 times faster. Tom’s greatest success was becoming a drill master. Because he used a drill so much, he became a drill master. He can attach the nose of the drill faster than anybody. Tom is satisfied with his project, but he said that if he would make the table again, he would use more high-quality woods or materials that are specially made for our project. Also, he said he will try making it perfectly.


2019 Oneday (Furniture making) with Tom

Tom and I have agreed to work together and to make a mini desk that can help me finish my homework comfortably, sitting on my bed. We are using 2 of 3.5×3.5×100 wooden cylinder and 2.5x40x61 board to make our mini desk. We think that the challenge to make this desk is desk legs not cut smoothly and the sandpaper stuff. If we don’t sandpaper them enough, the legs would not stick in the main board and even it sticks, it would be unstable.

My catchall project

Quick overview: My catchall project was mostly successful. I am happy about it, I made my catchall to use on my table.

My biggest success was when I found the right platter for my project. My project was one of the biggest project in our class. It was hard to find a right platter for my project.

My biggest challenge was not realizing that the duck tape fell off after 2 days I taped on my project.

The impact of this product will be very high because my table has not been organized for years and now, I can be organized.




This is my “I AM FROM” Poem for Humanities.

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