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How Could This Happen?

Living in Canerad is both good and bad, it only depends which side you live on, the beautiful rich South or the polluted poor North. Unfortunately for McKenna she lives in the North, with her brother, and her mother. Living in the North has caused so many problems, her father was missing, a horrible pollution, she felt like she has no freedom. But when her mother got sick and her brother got captured, she has to find a way to make everything right. Would she also get captured?

JocelynC SciFi Final 2018

Fly-by copy

2050 Habitat

My initial model

Yvonne’s initial model








(I don’t have Josie’s initial Model, because she is not in school for the entire week.)


this is our final model

On the table I am missing the where the important thing would be located, so I am writing here. Yvonne and I both need a couch that is next to the bed. We need 2 to 4 sleeping space so the bed is for two people to sleep on and so is the couch, because the couch is like those folded beds. Yvonne also needs a curtain there is one next to the door where we will put a window. I need a small fridge so we have one and right on top of the fridge is also a counter top. and Josie also needs a door that goes to the living room we have two doors that go into the living room.


This is our table of the important things we need

The dimensions make sense to me, and on the model it doesn’t show it but the bed is a loft, so underneath it there are shelfs and storage space, and the the wall behind the couch is movable, you can move it back so you can have space to make the couch into a bed. The table is a folding table so it saves space.


As a collaborator, I felt like I shared some of my ideas, in Yvonne’s original idea, she had a stove, but because none of us really need it, we changed to a countertop. When we were sharing ideas, Josie and I really liked Yvonne’s idea so we added what we needed for our habitat into hers, combining some of our ideas so we don’t need that many other furnitures, for example Josie needs two beds, so now she is just using a couch.  But because the final habitat still looks like Yvonne’s, I don’t think I did a good job in combining our ideas.

I am happy with our design because it saves space, and if we put all the folded things in we have so much space left. One challenge we had was one of our group members not being here the whole time, and we had to use her Tinkercad to make our habitat, and when I used hers, Tinkercad kept on logging me out, there are also sometimes when I can’t get into it, so I had to ask Josie or Yvonne to send pictures or work on it with them on their computer.


This is our Tinkercad design

the height is 75mm/ 2.5m

The area of our habitat is 25 meters squared, each side is 5 meters and the height is 2.5 meters. The volume is 62.5 meters cubed.

All the doors are 25mm by 45mm

All the windows 22mm by 22mm

What? So What? Now What?

What?  So What?

An issue we are facing today is the pollution. According to “Air Pollution 101| National Geographic”, Smog is a type of pollution that, effects many living things, it reduces visibility, harms plants, irritate the eyes and causes respiratory distress. The smog is really dangerous to living things it can cause serious health effects so, if we don’t do something about the pollution around us it can cause many problems. Another website “The World Counts”, explained how pollution affects the world and the living things on it, it said that breathing pollution has a higher risk of asthma and getting diseases, and because the pollution is getting so bad, it would just get worse if we do nothing about it.

Now What?

According to “How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” using planes to travel causes a “complicated effects on the high atmosphere” so they suggested to use trains instead of planes. Using Renewable Energy, for example solar panels. Not only does the article “How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” talk about using reusable items, ” Going Green Shouldn’t Be this Hard” also talks about it, the suggested to use a reusable bottle to get drinks from a store instead of using their single use plastic ones. So just by doing these little things could help reduce the pollution.

Growing and Shrinking egg

Data Table

My design is repeatable by another person because I wrote a procedure for another person to follow, however I realised that the procedure is slightly wrong and so is our design, when we finished putting the eggs in the water and syrup we forgot to wash the beakers and pour another 150ml of syrup in one beaker and another 150ml of water in the other beaker, instead we just used the ones that was use for the previous eggs, and I think that has sort of changed result at the end. If we do it again next time, an improvement I would make is to not rush through everything and pay attention to see if I forgot to do a step. Would the results be different is we left the eggs in the liquid for a longer time?




River Field Study – Data Collection 3

they put a fence around our first and second location

Today when we went out to the Wenyu River to collect data, two of our locations got blocked off, so instead of doing 3 locations we did one location and to make sure our data is correct, we did the flow rate 3 times.  

I was collecting the water to check the turbidity of the water

compared to last time the  flow rate got a little faster on the 3rd location, and the turbidity was really different, I think the turbidity changes so much is mainly because we used the turbidity sensor instead of the turbidity tube.

we were putting the water into the turbidity sensor


I wonder if there is a difference between using the turbidity sensor and the turbidity tube , I wonder if I will get different results.





Foragers to the Future

A feedback my friend gave me was to explain why I chose the colours I chose to colour in the icons. And soI found that feedback useful because by explaining the colours it actually help me describe what the foragers, farmers, factories and future is like., to show how they are all different.

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

Location 1

Turbidity: 8 NTU

Flow Rate: 46.30sec/25m

Location 2

Turbidity: 9 NTU

Flow Rate: 1:55.30sec/ 25m

Location 3

Turbidity: 13NTU

Flow Rate: 2:58.00sec/ 25 m

Our first location is under the bridge

Compared to last time, this time’s data is really different, because last time the turbidity level was really high (48NTU) and the when we went there today the turbidity (9NTU), but the other two location is pretty similar. A wonder I have for next time is if  one of the turbidity will be really high, just like the first time we went?

Stories of the Future: Day Zero

The three most urgent problems we need to solve by 2050

  1. global warming
  2. plastic bags all over the ocean
  3.   World Hunger

Two questions or wonders about the future

  1. If they are making all these robots that could do the humans jobs then would we not have enough jobs for everyone?
  2. what will we do when we don’t have enough food or water for almost everyone because of the growing population?

Optimistic or Pessimistic



The food, water and community are all connected because when there are more people we would have less space for us to live by our selves, less water for us to drink and less food for each person to have.

I used to be pessimistic about it and think that as the human population grow the less food, water and space we have, and now I am even more pessimistic because seeing how so much rice could only feed really little people how are we going to feed everyone in the future.

The more people the less resource per person

Big Data and How It’ll Change the World

Picture a place, where criminals are always robbing, it doesn’t matter if it’s the bank or a house, the police never catches them, the criminal just run off before the police even get to the. That is what the world would look like right now if big data does not exist. That is because big data can help improve the world, by having us use less work to do something, not always needing to depend on someone else, and big data would also make the world a much safer place for us.

One reason that Big Data can improve the world is because with less work you could find what you need. For example, according to the article “This Is How Facebook Uses Your Data for Ad Targeting” written by Kurt Wagner, they do not sell your data, but will use your data to give you ads they think you’ll enjoy, “but it does sell access to you, or more specifically, access to your News Feed, and uses that data to show you specific ads it thinks you’re likely to enjoy or click on.”  Not only does this article explain how ad that pop up is the ad that could possibly be the thing you’re looking for and just like that with so little work you could find the things you need. Another article “The Price of Google’s New Convenience? Your Data” written by Nitasha PTiku, a google worker told the crowd about the new app, “what’s cool is that I didn’t have to tell the app that I follow politics, love to bike, or want information about the Bay Area, it works right out of the box,” – Trystan Upstill, just like Mr. Upstill  said you don’t need to tell it, you don’t need to use any effort, because of data the app collected, you don’t need to tell the app.

Big data can improve the world not just because you can use less work, but also because you don’t need to depend on another person for everything. For instance, in the article “The Price of Google’s New Conveniences? Your Data” written by Nitasha Tiku. Vice president Jen Fitzpatrick was introducing a new restaurant recommendation that automatically pop up in Google Maps, “With zero work, [Google] Maps is giving me ideas to kick me out of my rut and inspire me to try something new.” Therefore, having google maps you don’t need another person to help you find good restaurants, according to all the data of the places you’ve been and the places other people go, google map should know the new restaurant that you might like. In addition to that, Kenneth Cukier in his speech “Big Data is Better Data” he mentioned that with data you could have self-driving cars and online chess and even more, because with data the computer can do self-learning, and with all those new tools you won’t always need to depend on another person. In his speech, he was talking about Arthur Samuel and how he was programing the computer so he could play chess with the computer, but he keeps on winning because he was programing it and teaching the computer the things he knew, except the computer didn’t know strategy, but when he used data the computer won, “Arthur Samuel leaves the computer to play itself. It plays itself, it collects more data, it collects more data, it increases the accuracy of its prediction.” And so, when Arthur Samuel went back to the computer to play the computer, he loses. Therefore, having data you won’t need to depend on another person for everything.


The most important way big data can help improve the world is that big data can make the world a much safer place. For example, in the video “Next level of surveillance: China embraces facial recognition” published by Wall Street Journal, the product manager of Tencent, Wang Ying said “Not only does it (big data) track criminals, but it also helps find missing people. So, it is good for the society” Finding Missing people and tracking down criminals can make the world a much safer place, because when you track down a criminal you can stop them before something bad happens, and when you can find the missing people you can make sure they are safe and not lost in the middle of nowhere. Not only does that video explain about how big data makes the world a much safer place but another speech “Big Data is Better Data” by Kenneth Cukier talked about a way big data could help the world. In his speech, he talked about how he could collect the data on how a person sits and could know when the person is tired in a car, which can create an accident, and because it might be dangerous the car can send a signal to the driver and the driver would pay more attention to the road. “The car senses that the person slumps into that position, automatically knows, hey, send in internal alarm, that would vibrate the steering wheel, honk inside to say, ‘hey, wake up, pay more attention to the road.’” This can make the world a safer place because it would reduce the chances of an accident. Therefore, having big data could help the world be a much safer place.


Big data might not always be safe, because the data the computer collected is on an electronic, and like all electronic it could be hacked. And if someone hacked and got your data it could be very dangerous, because when you give in a little bit of data a person or a computer can find out so much more. However according to “Next-level Surveillance: China Embraces Facial Recognition” published by Wall Street Journal, the machine can tell whether it’s a hacker or a person, “when our system first go on line, we do suffer from a huge volume of hacks. But, by collecting sufficient hack data, I think the machine can tell whether it is a hack behavior or it is a true person.” – Li Xu, sensetime COE. Therefore, Big Data has improved the world in many ways, for instance, with less work you could find what you need, not everything you do needs another person to help you, and making the world a safer place. And so, let’s start brightening the future with big data.

Homework Book

My art is called Homework Book. It is made out of two books; one book is stuck on the other one. The book on the bottom has a corner where all the pages are folded. One both of the books there are squares carved into the book and squares stuck on the book, there is also a square stuck on one of the folded pages. The square are different sizes and on each one there is a color, there are three colors in total, the blue, green and yellow.

I made this art by first carving into the pages and making squares that are different sizes, then I use some of the cut out square and glue them onto the book each square that is glue on had to be thick and not just a thin piece of paper. After making all the squares I went outside to spray-paint. When I was spray painting I ripped out a random page then ripped that page in quarters so when I spray a square I could use those paper to cover the sides to make sure I don’t spray everywhere, then leave it outside to dry. When it’s dry, I brought it inside and glue any ripped parts down, once I’m done with the ripped part then I’m done with the first book.  When I took the second book and planned which part the first book is going to cover then I repeated the step from the first book but did not do the parts where the first book is covering. But on the second book on one of the corner I skipped a few pages and stuck another square there. Once the second book is dry and I fixed the ripped part I use hot glue to glue the two books together.


My artwork describes the time it takes for me to do homework. On the book, it has three colors. The squares represent the time I use to do homework, the bigger the square the longer it takes for me to the that homework, the smaller the square the shorter it takes for me to do that homework. Some of the square are carved into the book, those squares represent the time I use to do homework on my computer, and the squares that are popping out are the time I use to do homework on paper. On the squares there are three colors, the three colors represent three subjects blue for humanities, green for math and yellow for Chinese. On the second book, the book on the bottom, on one of the corners the pages are flipped that shows that there are more pages with the data on it and that means that it’s not only one week or two weeks but a month.


Making this art my idea changed multiple time. When I first planned my artwork, I was thinking of drawing a book and a computer, the book representing the time I do homework on paper and the computer representing the time I use to do homework on my computer. Then I thought that drawing it out won’t look as good as making a 3D sculpture. So, I thought of making the sculpture, but I can’t paint my computer so I was thinking of making a cardboard one instead, but when I finish making my first book I had carved into the book and I didn’t know what that represent, so when I didn’t have time to make the cardboard computer, the carved in parts meant the time I use doing homework on my computer. So, in the end my art turned out to be two books instead of a computer and a book.


I think I didn’t do so well to make to his art, because you can see that when I spray painted the squares I didn’t really cover the sides that well, so you can see the spray paint on the edges. And also, when I cut the squares I accidentally ripped a part of the page, so I had to glue it down in the end, which doesn’t look very nice. But other than that, I think I did pretty well because on some of the squares I did cover it pretty well, and it did not spray everywhere, therefore, I think that I didn’t do so well but it’s not horrible either.

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