My biggest success was that the 3D printing worked at last and it was able to successfully print out everything I need it to print.

My biggest obstacle was due to the not yet advanced modern day technology, the 3D printing subject measurements were not too fit for the 3D printer, therefore I needed to change the measurements multiple times.

I know understand how to 3D print and use tinkercad better

One thing I would like to change is to use less hot glue in the future to prevent messy looking hot glue

One concern was that the glue looked messy

holding his headset, cards, and allowing him to charge

The impact is that he/she will be able to catch all his things after doing whatever he/she was doing such as gaming

If I did this again I would use less hot glue

One advice I would give to future students is that “Use less 3D printing”

Overall, I think my project was successful because I got my project done and it worked well, I got to keep it.


I’m Johnny and I chose TopChef because I would like to make food and try it out.  We started to plan out how we want to make our things and what we want to make, the teammates bought some items from the store and we brought it to top chef. We made pear and goat cheese and prosciutto for an appetizer which was quite creative but it didn’t taste really good and the problem we ran in was the honey not being invisible and the goat cheese did not taste so good. For the appetizer, I helped to cut the meat and also crumbled the goat cheese. We also made the Mediterranean lamb which we had a really good presentation and our dish was also delicious. We didn’t run into problems for that but we thought we executed it well. I was the one that helped cut the lamb, take the fat off, sprinkle the seasonings, peel the onion skins, make all the presentation decorates and at last. We, at last, made some cupcake thing for dessert and it was okay, the baking during the oven made the cake look weird and make it look bad. The taste was okay but it wasn’t the best either and the sour cream made it look bad too. All I did for that is crack the egg and mix the egg white. Afterward, I thought that our food was okay but the presentation was not the best. I thought that we could have more time in the presentation and use time more efficiently.