Dude Imperfect

I think that the biggest problem was to actually make the trick shots, sometimes we didn’t make any trick shots in a block, so we stayed after school to work on the trick shots, we stayed after school twice.

If we could do something different, it would be to get more camera angles, then it would make our shots look cooler, also sometimes the ball would go out of the shot.

Dude Imperfect-Trick Shots

Our inspiration is a Youtube channel called Dude Perfect, they have over 40 million subscribers and they are extremely popular.

We first started dude imperfect after a soccer practice, me and Alex started trying to make trick shots, and we called ourselves dude imperfect.

We did not expect our trick shots to be that hard but it turned out that the trick shot took a long time to make.

We split our trick shots into different categories by the type of sports, basketball, soccer, football, and badminton.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD6eQY7yCfw<——- Their first ever video

I hope that the outcome of this ignite week will be a entertaining video.

<——————- This is our list of trick shots that we could do


Our plan is to edit as we do the trick shots so it won’t be too much work on one day.

Social Entrepreneur 6

One of my strength as a collaborator is that I can plan short-term and long-term goals for my team so they can work efficiently and effectively.

I helped my team stay on task and keep us going in one direction so we worked towards a common goal for the day or for the week, this helped us work as a team.

One thing that I could improve on is to be more aware of our due dates. For example, we were late for blog post 5 because we thought that blog post 5 wasn’t due on the day it was supposed to be due, and that made us loose some money.

Social Entrepreneur 5

I learned 1)How to print different images on both sides of the card 2)We don’t have to make a card that’s really big 3)How logn it took to make one card.

I wonder 1)If we will make enough cards before Monday (First Sale) 2)Is there a more efficient way to print?

One thing that I will improve about our prototype is that our font got a little bit messed up.

Social Entrepreneur 4

After our (me, Andre, and Russel) pitch to our investor and she gave us 1000 RMB. But even though she gave us 1000 RMB, she still said somethings that will improve our business plan, one important thing is that we should estimate our sales in a month or a year.Another thing we need to consider is that our card game will be addictive, but I don’t believe that this card game will be distracting for students because this will be a multiplayer game and therefore can only be played with friends and usually, in school. Ms. Zeng (our investor) said that we worked well together and share responsibilities, she also said that  we have useful market research to support our claim. One new idea I have is to ask people to pre-order our cards for a lower price. The reason I am doing this is because when we ask someone if they will buy our cards, they could say yes, but they won’t actually buy it. This will give us a more accurate and reliable survey.


Social Entrepreneur 3

Mission Statement:

JAR Cards is creating an ISB-themed card game for students of all ages to support children without education.

Our team name is JAR Cards ( JAR is abbreviation for Jonathan, Andre, and Russel). MY responsibilities are important papers, and I am in charge of marketing and the pitch. Andre is the designing person, and Russel is the finance person.

Social Entrepreneur 2

We (Jonathan, Andre, Russel) have finished interviewing our target audiences (Elementary and Middle School students) and here is our data:

3 things I learnt 3 things from my interview is that 1) males will be more interested in our card game 2) most people prefer short games over long games but a lot still like long games. 3) most people play card games

2 wonders I have is 1) how we can make cards in a cheap way? 2) Why do females not like our card games?

1 thing that might improve our product is photoshop because this will make our cards professional looking.I have also brainstormed some slogan ideas:

Create. Amaze. Educate      Break the boredom        Kill the boredom  Pure entertainment  Card for School  Educating the world. One card at a time.  Shuffling Towards Quality Education.  Shuffling Towards A New World

We want to use our profit to support children who does not go to school, in other words, SDG #4, quality education. One organisation that I found is an organisation called Save The Children, it is a huge non-profit oranisation and an NGO founded in 1919, April 15th. It provides global education for children in 5 sections: Early Child Care and Development, Basic Education, School Health and Nutrition, Education Research, and Education in Emergencies.

I believe that our business will work because even though there are hundreds of companies who are professional at making cards, our card game will be ISB themed (character, spells, background etc.). We want to provide an entertaining card game for students to play during their leisure time, like break, lunch, and even after school.

I am in charge of marketing in my group, Russel is in charge of finances, and Andre is in charge of designing the cards, though we all will be doing that. Our pitch is halfway done and we are still working on it.

JAR Cards Social Entrepreneur

 <——————— This is our first draft of the JAR (Jonathan, Andre, and Russel) Cards!

So me, Andre, and Russel are going to design a card game that will be ISB edition, are target audience will be mostly ES an MS students but high school students and adults can still buy it. We will need photoshop to make our cards seem more professional and make our cards more appealing to our customers. We also need card stock because we need to print our cards but nnormal A4 is too bendable, card stock is more thick and more sturdy. There were 2 inspiration for the card game: Magic The Gathering and Pokémon. My next step is going to be designing the game structure, we know the basic stuff but we still need to figure out the final details! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!


In ISB, we always try to be more sustainable with our energy usage. But there are always places where we can improve. In the picture above, we can see lots of unnecessary lights on the ceiling of the Middle and High School cafeteria. In this picture, almost every square meter of the lights are covered in lights. I know we humans are afraid of the dark, but we don’t need that much lights! These lights provide at least 3 square meters worth of light, probably even more! If we put one light in every 3 square meter, we would save so much light and help our sustainable goals. Think about it, what are the negative effects? A little darker? Good riddance if you ask me! I hope ISB will see this and change the light usage, thanks for reading.

ISB有的时候不节省电源,我们的餐厅里就是一个很好的例子。在这个照片里,天花板的灯我觉得绝对是太多了,差不多每一米就有一个灯,根本不必要。哪怕是每三平方米有一个灯也可以。又没有什么坏处,节省了能源还很好。我觉得学生们和老师们也不需要那么多灯。这就是为什么我觉得这里可以更好一些。我觉得我们 真的应该想一想这个!




Project ReCharge: The Best Project Yet!

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I realize that child labor is a big problem (though I already knew that), but I always felt that I really can’t do anything about child labor just because I don’t have a lot of power. This also ties into what we learned in humanities this project: different types of government and also freedom of speech. As I said, I can’t contribute that much, but in ISB, I can voice my thoughts to people who have power like Dr. Hill, Mr. Hurworth etc. can listen to me and act and make a change. But in some places, you can’t voice your thoughts freely, and that is limited freedom of speech, meaning that you can’t say anything.


I think that considering different viewpoints is good because (in the risk of sounding very cliché), nobody is perfect. If I was wrong and I considered someone else’s viewpoint, I might see why that person is right and have a better idea. Even if I was right about something, considering someone else’s viewpoint is still important because that person might have a good idea, or maybe because of some reason that you were not aware of. In science, we learned about different types of rocks (metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous) and how they are made. We also learned about volcanoes and tectonic plates and studied their patterns.

All in all, I think that Project ReCharge was the best project yet!

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