Escape to Eden

This story is about natural disaster, servile skill and lastly adventure. After the earthquake, it destroyed earth and started something called the Erth and Eden. Maria age 14 struggled to survive. One day when a creep appeared it was a message for an adventure.

Josie Neel Sci-fi copy

One thing that i am proud of the Tinker cad thing is I learn how to calculate the scale. One thing that i could work on is to learn more about how to useTinker Cad.




what? so What? now what?

The problem that we’re facing today are food food, water, pollution and over populated. some videos that i’ve watch helped me were from dx.  One of the issue that we are facing today that will get worse with a growing population is there isn’t enough food to feed everyone. for example according to TED ED  how to feed 10 millon people is hard because we already don’t have enough food right now.  anther example is according to the hidden cost of hamburgers  is that the cow takes up a lot of space that we don’t even have enough to feed our people for anther food.  this is important because if we don’t have enough food people is going to die. this show how important it is to not wast food. One thing I can collect data on is how much food wast people make and make a poster to teach my family and friend of how important it is to not wast food.

Growing and shrinking









Foragers to Future

Things that I learn from my partners is different ways to improve my description for the forager to future thing. Some changes that I made base of of my partners feedback is improve my images by adding more detail to it, so that we can have a better idea of what the images is trying to communicate.  Another changes that I made to my description is to check my grammar and spelling to make sure that my sentence make sense.  

River Field Study- Data Collection 2

This is our experience 

From the data that we have collected before I realize  that the pH level is going down, which means the water is getting better. A wondering for next time I have is will the pH keep upon getting better or get more worst?

 h  this is our second station

our fist station

Big Data: Aurgumentive Essay

Should You Share Your Personal Data with Companies?

By: Josie Neel


When you sign up for a rewards card at a supermarket, the company that owns the supermarket collects your personal data.  In return, you receive discounts on their goods.  But, did you ever stop to think: “Should I give away my personal data just to get a cheaper price on a bag of chips?”  Do you feel comfortable knowing a company has your email address, phone number, age, and your home address?  I am going to explain three reasons why you should be careful about sharing your personal data with companies.  First, companies will use it for ad targeting; second, once a company has your data, you may not be able to control it any longer; and third, companies may fail to protect your data.


The first reason you should not share your data with companies is they will use it for ad targeting.  Ad targeting is when companies collect information about what you like to buy and then use that information to send you targeted ad campaigns to try to sell what they think you want.  Often, the original company that collected your information will then sell it to another companies to target you with their advertisements.  Facebook and Google, for example, have recently been criticized for doing this.  According to the article “This is How Facebook Uses Your Data for Ad Targeting” by Kurt Wagner, “A third-party data firm…got its hands-on personal data for as many as 87 million Facebook users without their permission.  The company reported advertising revenue of $40 billion last year, and it’s only going to keep growing.”  Many Facebook users became angry when they discovered the company was collecting their data without permission to make money.  Next time you share your personal data with an online company, ask yourself: “Do I want my computer flooded with ads that I don’t really want to see?”  If the answer is no, then don’t share it.



The second reason that you should not share your personal data with companies is because once your give up your personal data, you may not be able to control it anymore.  Once your personal data is shared online, it may be too late to control it again.  For example, according to the documentary film “The Power of Privacy,” by Aleks Krotoski, the actress and singer Barbara Streisand had some personal pictures appear online.  She tried to sue the photographer who took the picture to get him to take them down.  But, she failed.  This shows that once your personal data is on the internet you might not have as much control over it as you would like.  So, before you share your personal data with a company, ask yourself: “Do I want this information to be put online?”  If not, don’t do it.


Finally, according to the article “Zuckerberg Apologizes for Failing to Protect Facebook Users’ Privacy” by Newsela staff, “Facebook has faced harsh criticism ever since it was revealed that the personal information of more than 87 million Facebook users ended up in the hands of another company.”  This shows that even a company as big as Facebook was unable to keep its users’ personal data safe.  There is other evidence to show that companies are failing to protect your data.  According to “ISPs Can Now Sell Your Data” By Nilay Patel internet service providers (or ISPs) “want to sell your data without your permission.”  This means that companies are not as trustworthy as you might think.  In addition, your data is not being protected on the internet, which means it can be tracked, hacked, and used against you.  Do you want to keep your data safe from hackers that could use your data against you?  If so, you should not share it with companies.


The way that companies turn customers’ personal data into big data can be convenient.  For example, when you shop at the supermarket you may receive coupons that are custom-tailored to your shopping preferences.  But this must be weighed against the value of our privacy.  According to a survey titled “Will we give up our privacy without a fight?” by CNN’s Heather Kelly, “We are already living under constant surveillance, willingly offering up chunks of personal information online, where it is collected, tracked and used to make money.”  Even if you give a company your personal data willingly, do you agree that they can use it in whatever way they want?  If not, you should think first before you sign away your privacy.


Before you agree to share your data with a company, remember this: companies use it for ad targeting; they cannot protect it; and once we’ve given up our privacy, we lose control of it. These are all reasons not to share your data with companies.









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Stories of the Future: Day Zero

I think the most three urgent problems we need to solve by 2050 is: global warming plastic wast and over population. the two wonder I have about our future is: will our technology get better or worst? will our world be better than now or worst than now?  I have an optimistic view of the future.

Make it: Create and Improve

My partner Jocelyn and I made a  plastic drawstring bag and it turned out very well. Our bag is made out of different plastic logos from different plastic bags. The most challenging part of the project was ironing because ironing takes a lot of time.  We solved this problem by ironing at the same time so that it won’t take us that long.  Sewing was also hard because some parts of the plastic bag’s plastic would always get stuck in the sewing machine. We overcame this problem by making sure that the plastic was all ironed so that it would not be stuck in the sewing machine. We didn’t receive any feedback but we improved our product by crocheting the yarn on the drawstring so that it would be strong and comfortable.

Ignite week Refliction

For this ignite week project I choose problem solving area because I thought that every product would have a problem because that’s how you improve, to make the product better. I thought I grew in this area because I had some problems during this project, me and my partner solved together. One example of how I used problem solving was we had an idea of making a computer case but when stared to make the prototype we figure out that we couldn’t make the pop up spots on the computer case that connect to the computer. So, we changed our idea from making a computer case to making a plastic bag.


I found it challenging to learn how to plan all the process and writ them down this week. I think that this skill will benefit me in the future because having a plan to do something it always helps, for example there is going to be a math test and having a plan for how to study would be a good idea. Overall, this ignite week helped me grow because it helped me to learn how to use my more effectively by having a plan.

Make It : Develop and plan

Today we were supposed to make a prototype  of a computer case, but while we are making it we figured out that the computer case was too hard to make. For example,  the pop up spots that connect the case to the computer.  So today we decided to make a plastic draw string bag instead. We had some feedback for our draw string bag product one of them was that

This is a picture of the bag we found on the internet, so we thought that we could make one out of plastic bags.

we maybe can use shredder plastic bottles, but we said that shredder plastic bottles might hurt people’s neck when they carry it. For us to make that we will need plastic bags, yarns for the strings and thread. We will need to apply sowing techniques and ironing techniques. We need to develop sowing skills and ironing skills. We could use

this is our plan for our plastic drawstring bag

youtube videos to help us to make it.

I was explaining my ideas to Jocelyn

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