My catchall project

This is my catch-all project that can organize my stuff My biggest success was i made the tiny desk really stable and it won’t easily break apart or fall( i used the material wood, I hammer the nails inside to keep it stable.) One thing i like to change is to add a tiny obstacle on the desk so i… Read more →

Humanity goal

My goal is to make the story realistic to understand it with pictures. When writing a story, want to have no error of grammar mistakes when writing. I will work on my spelling because i have a lot of grammar mistakes like pass tense or future tense. I will do this my going on No red ink to practice more. Read more →

Nature Queen

 This is a story of Madeline. She is the main character in this book. It’s about a journey of how she restored the powers that belongs to her. Will she get her powers back that belongs to her in first place, or will she fail on her journey… “I can feel it in my souls…the powers…”   Nature Queen Click… Read more →

Reflecting on Fall Trips

I have a lot of highlight on this trip. The main point of this trip was to try new things of a different experiment that is really challenging and that you need to communicate with each other in-able to complete the task, witch improves on your collaborative skills. One of my highlight was the high rope we did on the first… Read more →