Design Project

I made a shelf for my family in my design class.  There is a shelf for keys, or ID cards. There are 4 holes for charger to go through. Also, there is a big shelf for family to put phones on.

My biggest success was the holes. I have to make 8 holes, and put them together. It took almost a class to do it. When it finished, it matched with my plan. If there is no holes, there is no difference between other shelf; therefore, I think the holes are the biggest success.

I learned some skills during making holes, my way is cut the two sides, and make a hole with knife,  it was hard and difficult, then, I heard new skills that I can use, easy and safe way. There was a item that is easy to make a structure. I used it, and I learned new way to make hole.

Only one thing that I’d like to change is the distance between holes. I think the distance is short for 4 phones. I think 4 holes are the best number for a family, therefore, if I thought this, I will change the length from two sides to change the distance.

The impact of this product will be the holes, because it makes chargers to don’t tangle. There are many items in internet that hold one phone and charge it; however, I think those things are not for family, just for one person. Therefore, I made it bigger, and flat for my family.


The movie Fugitive is about doctor Kimble. One arm men killed the Helen, Kimble’s wife, but the judge let Kimble to go to prison, and gave him death penalty. Kimble became fugitive to find the real killer. Kimble knew Sykes killed  his wife, and Nichols let Sykes to kill Helen.  Detective Gerard tries to capture Kimble, but Gerard found the evidence that Kimble did not killed his wife.

I  would recommend the movie Fugitive to other students because this movie makes us to think deep about the justice and evidence.

People thought Kimble killed his wife, but he did not had any evidence.

Judge said Kimble is wrong, but that is not a true the justice could change it Kimble has enough evidence. Justice could change.

One day

I wanna make a bag–>

I think I will have more time when I make a bag, I will make a pencil case. May be there is enough time to work on a small project, so I wanna make a plant pot.

Bag-Pencil case-Plant pot

10 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bottles


Needs of Bag

: Sawing stuff, a rice bag, scissor.

Needs of pencil case

: Sawing stuff, plastic bottle, zipper




8:20-9:45:~sawing the bottom of the bag.


10:00-11.55: ~finish sawing the bottom and the handle


12:40-1:50: finish the bag(put them together), stat working on pencil case.


2:00-3:10: finish the pencil case, make a plant pot.


My work by time











The Hunger Games

Katniss  volunteered to the hunger Games for her sister, only one of 24 could alive, to alive have to kill others. Peeta, her friend and Katniss act like a star-crossed lovers to get sponsors, but Katniss has boyfriend, Gale.

When both of the tributes from same district could alive, so Katniss tries to find Peeta. (The behavior changes. )

I would recommend The hunger Games to other 7th grade students, because this book makes us to think about the future and the human’s right.