"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn" -Benjamin Franklin

Mask Making


I got the idea to make a mask because I like to play games and in some games that I play they have really cool masks. When I told a teacher about my idea they pointed me in the right path to go which was making a foam mask because Mr. Laymen has lots of experience in making foam masks. I hope I’m able to finish the helmet and get it to look really nice. I’m on a really tight schedule but feel like I can do it. Making this might be difficult because I’ve never done something like this before and I don’t have much time to do this, but if I work hard enough I might be able to make it.

2nd Part:

This is something like what the front of the mask would look like in the first picture. In the second picture are some sketches and dimensions that I drew. While making my sketches I realized that this project will be more of a challenge than I expected.



My strengths as a collaborator are actively participated and have to make quick improvements to help my team get the design done faster, for example when we were starting out, the holes of the card were not in the proper places, so I quickly measured and changed the holes locations so the card would fit nicely inside. I have also been persistent and reliable helping my group by continuing to work on the design while they do their jobs. I’ve helped the group through many challenges through design and working on Illustrator, I’ve also helped make the card after it has been cut out by coating it in chemicals for more strength so that my group could lace them after. I could improve my work by getting less distracted by other groups and being more persistent in doing my work.

Prototype 2.0

Three things I learned from this version:

  1. The differ of materials you use to make a product can greatly decide the fate of a business.
  2. It is easy to make changes in Illustrator to make the card better faster.
  3. changing little things in the supply can make bigger changes in demand

Two wonders:

  1.  I wonder what would have happened if we chose another product, would we be as successful?
  2.  I wonder what our business’ future will be.

one change or improvement.

  1.  A better start off for the business.


Last week our mentor said that we did well, and our presentation was awesome, but they were not sure how we were going to make an investment because that was an area where there wasn’t that much detail and needed to be improved. The things that we can continue in our business are things like how we work together as a team and how we see everything out and take things out 1 by 1. Somethings that we could improve as a business is how we check with others while doing things, and making sure everyone is doing the correct thing at the correct time.

Mission and Team

Mission Statement:

Clean the world. 

Save the world. 

All in a fashionable manner.

Company Name:


(Renewable Ingenues Card Holder)


Some of my responsibilities include being the design manager and also to be the communication director. Being the design manger means I am in charge of designing and helping to create the card holder for prototypes and finished product. Being the Communication Director means that it’s my responsibility converse with our manager and to also tell my team about our conversations so that everyone can be up to date and on the same page.


Market Research

Three things I learned: I learned and am still learning more about how a business runs. Its really interesting learning the different parts of business. I also learned more about designs in laser cutting because I’m the design manager and different designs and unique parts are limited.

Two wonders: I’m still wondering more about how our product will turn out and I’m also wondering what specific steps will get us to that point.

One change: I would change the designs, not to much but enough to make it look and work better.

Social enterprise

Our product is an ID card that is more advanced than the average ID card. It will be made from precious plastic, and you can even buy an ID card that has a custom shape on the front. We aren’t sure yet what the card holder will look like but we have some key features such as a custom design if you want and a lanyard. Everyone can buy an ID card as long as you have the money and a card, it will be sold in the PTA store.


This is our inspiration because its simple and works easily, we want a design that has similar traits to this.

Unit Ending Post

In drama we did an act we made about child labor, which was really fun.

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that there’s more bad things in the world than I thought. For example, I used to think that there was only child labor in one place of the world but after this unit I now know that it’s in many places. Before this project I used to think that child labor is just another problem in the world that hasn’t been solved yet. To be honest I’ve heard of child labor before, but I didn’t think too much about it. Now I think that so many more people in this world are trying to help this problem and dedicate so much time to it they are so focused on it. The more perspectives over this problem can help like more pieces to a puzzle. Which is why it’s a good idea to have more perspectives in this problem. Looking back on Project ReCharge, I realize that there were so many shifts and turns in out learning made just for us. Because of all the things we were finding out and everything that was happening, it’s really nice to have a class that would do this for us and I am really glad this unit was taken this far.


Ignite Week: Final Product

During Ignite Week – Express It!, I made a small animation of what my day would look like on an average scale. To complete this project, I had to draw many many things as well as code them into the game.

Everything in my animation is drawn and edited using the tools in scratch. I made the backgrounds the characters and I coded them all in to make my day. During the process, I learned more about coding and that was really fun, because after I knew what to do I could just find the right codes and I could make anything happen.

The L21 area that I focused on was using ingenuity and imagination when creating things because while creating an animation in Scratch you can do so many things, the possibilities are endless. (hehe.) To meet my goals in this area, I had to think outside of the box while creating my animation. One of the processes I went through to do this is drawing everything myself so everything you would see in my animation would have been drawn by my and coded by me.

Some skills that I gained through this project include coding and some drawing on the Wacom. This skill will benefit me in the future because lots of future jobs might need good skills and skills like coding might be crucial to learn now for the future. Overall, this Ignite Week helped me grow because I was able to do some coding and some drawing which I both learned more about.

Click here to watch my animation.

Ignite Week: My Day 2

During this project I will need to use my Wacom drawing board for drawing my backdrops for scratch and helping me finish drawing faster so I can finish the project faster. I will need to learn how to code a little more to accomplish a task at the end of the animation which is a small little game, because yes I like to play video games. I plan to use more of my Wacom pad to draw more of my backgrounds and level up my drawing skill for a more clear view of my day


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