This article is about the importance of Hammurabi’s law code. Hammurabi’s law code is important in many different ways, and it has also gave a great influence to the world that we are living in right now. If you want more information, click here:¬†Hammurabis-Law-Code-Julia-Y-1.pdf Read more →

One Day Project- Paper Quilling

One Day Project- Paper Quilling   For One Day, I chose to make paper quilling. I haven’t tried paper quilling before, so I was a bit anxious. However, the teachers taught us how to make artworks out of paper quilling easily. It wasn’t hard, but it was hard for me to concentrate on my work because I had to make… Read more →

Diabetes can Lead to Death

Diabetes is a huge problem. More people are getting diabetes and some are even dying. Diabetes happens because you aren’t eating nutritious food, and eating sugar.   Good Bad Fruit Vegetables Low amount fats Low sugar Low salt Water Exercising Wholefood (Not processed food) Fish (Oils) Good oils   Smoking Processed Food Bad fats Carbonated Drinks Innutritious Food Fat/ Bad… Read more →