One Day Basketball Dribbling(With Henry and Dustin)

Today, we(me ,Henry and Dustin) are going to make video about basketball dribbling for the beginners. For example, we will teach about bouncing the ball, rotate the ball…etc. Also, if we have time, we will teach about other dribblings and postures. This is the timeline 8:30-9:30 finish the blog and practice the basketball 10:00-11:30 start to take video 12:30-1:30 finish… Read more →

The Children of Green Knowe

Why could only Tolly and Mrs.OldKnowe see Toby, Linnet and Alexander? I think they are that house’s ghosts, because when Tolly went to home, he couldn’t see them he only heard voices. Soon he could see him.  And they believed they exist. Also, title is the children of Green knowe. So I think they are children(ghost)of green knowe Read more →

Fortunately The Milk

Summarize the story. Remember, a good summary tells the important events that happened in the story, who the characters are, what their problem is, and what the theme of the book is. This story is about one family. One day mom went to the conference. Later, they knew no milk was in the fridge. So dad went to shop, but… Read more →

Wellness Project

1.  Why do you think it is so important to learn about wellness? Because that’s important to my life and my body. 2.  What are some ways you practice wellness?  What are some ways you could improve? Do exercise everyday or practice what I want to do. So if I practise  everyday I would be good at that. For example,… Read more →

Fantasy Story

1.  What was the best part of writing fantasy stories and why was it the best? Ending, because I finish the story after ending. 2.  What are some elements that make up a fantasy story?  List as many as you can and then pick one to describe in detail. I followed the Hero’s Journey when I was writing the story.… Read more →

Invisible Stanley

Invisible Stanley is a fantasy story. We have learned that in fantasy stories, the heroes can go on a hero’s journey. Do you think Stanley went on a hero’s journey in this book? Why or why not? I think Stanley went on a hero journey, because there are type of hero’s journey in the story. For example, call to adventure is when Stanley… Read more →

My Father’s Dragon

Describe the hero’s journey that Elmer went on in the story. Use some of the vocabulary you have learned (status quo, departure, trials, crisis, etc.) I will describe about hero’s journey of My Father’s Dragon. First the Status Quo is when Elmer lived with his family. Next the Call to Adventure is when he found a cat, and the cat… Read more →

Theme of The Little Story

I think a theme is try again and you can do everything, because first the Littles thought taming a cat was too dangerous. But they tried taming a cat, and they succeeded in taming a cat. Also they tried to fight with mice. So we have to try something. If you fail, try again. Another theme is listen to both… Read more →

marshmallow building

I learned partner is important because if I hold something and tape it, I need partner who hold something or who tape something. And when I worked without my partner that project was hard. And I learned sometimes my friend is not best partner because when my opinion and my friend’s opinion is different I always fight with my friend.… Read more →