A while ago, we were supposed to write something about the development of humans throughout the years and make a visual representation of it. So I made a poster! In the beginning, I thought about just making a poster and pasting the graph into it but then I thought, what if I made it a flip poster? So I put down my idea and let my peers tell me about it. I had a bit of trouble with the trading range symbol and they helped me out and explained it to me. So I changed a few of my icons and they helped me with ideas.

closed flaps

open flaps

So this is my poster! You can open the flaps to see the individual icons and things. It is a bit faint, but that’s only because it’s scanned. Each image I used it about the time era it represents – The Chauvet Cave for the forager time, as it was painted by foragers, some wheat for the farmer age as it was a crop, a train for the Industrial age because they developed new forms of technology, and finally, a mega city for the future.



The explanation for the icons can be foundĀ here.