What? So what?

One of the issues we’re dealing with today is the mass extinction of many species. This is caused by habitat loss and pollution, while poaching also plays a part. In this article, it states that “Recent studies in Europe have demonstrated that the species currently at highest risk of extinction most likely got that way because of human actions 50 to 100 years ago.” This shows that we are the problem. We are the ones who are affecting all these animals. And without a lot of animals, ecosystems can collapse and biodiversity decreases. Another problem is plastic pollution. Plastic cannot be biodegraded, so that means it’s there for a long time and in the meanwhile, can harm animals and us, through consumption and strangling.

Now What?

I can take initiative by using less plastic wrappers and containers. To help endangered animals, I can take part in clubs, like Roots and Shoots to help them! I can also spread the word to everyone and also educate people.