November 20th

Wenyu River

It seems that the people who owned the site left a little present for us! A fence has appeared there, spanning half of the river to under the bridge. This makes data collection harder for other groups but our two quadrants aren’t in the space that the fence extends to. Well, it’s okay anyways. Our data scored a 0 for both quadrants. Not a single ant in existence, but we found a dead ant just outside our quadrant 1. For a few minutes we pulled away at the  leaf litter but we didn’t see any bugs. In Quadrant 2, we couldn’t find it. A lot of leaves had falled and our quadrant was completely invisible, except for the noticeable patch of green grass.

Fence 🙁

Quadrant 1

Quadrant 2








Our data we collected so far. Our last data collection was in October and it was way more active by then. In October there were ants and in Quadrant 2, there was a glitch. Sorry about that! But regardless, it was more active and wasn’t covered by that much leaf litter.

These two are way different from in September when it was crawling with bugs. In January, I think that maybe we’ll have not a lot of bugs still, maybe 1-2 ants.