Habitat Reflection

In our habitat project with Cara, we built our habitat. We had a few challenges such as the file deleting itself and other annoying things, but the hardest difficulty was to get it in on time. This is because the file had made endless copies of itself and then we had to paste it in a new document and start all over. Another challenge was to incorporate my artifacts and my ideas. My character lives in a museum so it’s relatively hard for me to incorporate a house in my TinkerCad project. I instead used her “dream house”, a house that she would live in if she had a house. Since my character is the shy sort of observative girl, she has a glass room so she can look out at the city, and a garden since she pursuits plants as well. My artifact would be an aquarium. It printed out a blob 🙁 . But it shows that she cares about animals.



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Thin Doors