What am I doing? Who is Skateistan and what do they do?
For Ignite Week, I chose Masterpiece with A Message for Express It. This project focuses on creating a skateboard, or rather painting it, and then selling it to raise money for Skateistan, an organization dedicated to helping children in less economically developed countries by offering physical and mental support, as well as educating them. By doing this, they’re teaching children to help each other and to survive in the world.

How can you create a custom skate deck?
I can create a deck by using paint markers. Paint markers can overlay each other, so I can work in layers by applying a background first and then painting the subject of the picture. Paint markers come in a variety of colors so I can make colorful illustrations.

What areas of this project do you think will be challenging?
I think the areas of the project that will be most challenging would be to effectively use the markers. I would have to learn how to use them because I am used to drawing digitally and being able to erase parts of a drawing. Since paint markers are permanent, I would have to overdraw some parts if I make mistakes. I also think being able to draw my subject would be a challenging aspect because I’d need to draw big, opposed to drawing tiny pictures.

What’s your idea?
My idea would be a caracal wearing flowers that sits in front of a setting sun. It’s not meant to symbolize anything, but I really like the idea, and the colors that I could use.