Day Three of Ignite Week
I’ve gotta say, making a skateboard is very exciting. I’ve finished the background for my main design, which is a gradient of dark blue > orange > red, with a sun. This technique to spray paint it without ruining the subject was to tape it up. I spray painted over the tape, but I spray painted too much, and it started dripping. That’s why there are some drip marks, but I managed to cover most of it with red paint marker.  It was fun as well. Another thing I started noticing was that as I was painting the caracal, some of the black paint marker came off and smudged with my orange. This was a problem, as my paint marker started to paint brown. This problem could’ve been avoided if I painted the subject before applying the black parts. I solved this problem by taking a piece of paper and swatching it until it became its original color.

A lot of people have come and looked at my design, including my friends and everyone else in the project. They gave me advice as well as tips for how to blend paint markers.

So far, Masterpiece with a Message has been pretty fun. I hope that I can re-spray the top of the board to a dark blue/black, but we’ll have to wait until I finish the main design.