Day Four – Almost Exhibition!

What worked and what didn’t?
Well, a lot of things worked while some didn’t. I really worked hard on the caracal, but it smudged and as a result, it became brown. I fixed this problem by swatching the paint pens, since the paint pens had absorbed the black ink and I needed to wash it out.  I was very excited when my design didn’t get blocked by the wheels, since it’s considerably near the wheel area.

What was most challenging and how did you overcome this?
The most challenging part was when I spray painted, both times. The first time, I had to duct tape my entire design so I could spray over it, and the second time I sprayed too much and it dripped, dried and then I had to sand it down, creating the scratchy texture you see right now. I fixed this by waiting for it to fully dry and then I painted over it. It’s not the best solution, but it works. 🙂

How will you use feedback to improve your design?
I can do this by asking peers what would go well or not, such as outlining the caracal. If someone can tell me how to properly spray-paint, maybe my board wouldn’t have that texture. People can teach me a lot of things, and also suggest new things for my board.

Test your design with your audience.
I don’t know if we’re auctioning to students or teachers, but first of all, a lot of people in the class liked the design and enjoyed it. As a board, I didn’t try it yet but I tried an unpainted board. The only thing I noticed that was a bit offputting was that it was slightly weak and didn’t turn that well.

How did your prototype help your final design?
Well, to use my prototype, I used paper and traced over my design. It was quite pretty, and the prototype helped me center the caracal’s face and copy it effectively. It also let me copy the same design and redraw it which could help me color it better.