How Nutrition Affects Five World-Leading Death Diseases

Nutrition affects most of our lives, as well as judging just the barrier between life and death. How can such a simple thing such as our diet impact our lives?
Scientific study shows that most of our lives are surrounded by unhealthy food. Here is a chart, and you can see the similarities.

I believe that eating a healthy diet is crucial to the difference between life and death. We should eat more plant-based foods, and eat a fiber-based diet. We should not smoke (not like kids would ever do that) as well as stop eating cholesterol, bad fats, as well as oil and processed foods. The foods we should eat are opposite of this, such as eating a lot of fish oils (omega 3 and 6), and eat nonprocessed foods, and lessen on meat and sugar. Taking these actions can greatly reduce or delay the chances of getting these, but not completely.

So, to put it simply: Less is more. You eat less unhealthy foods, you get more of your life to live. Go figure!


For our Health Unit, we made healthy snacks to share with everyone. I made some Rice Paper Cabbage and Carrots.

Ingredients: Cabbage, Carrot, Rice Paper, Mayonnaise, and TUNA

I brought this because cabbages and carrots are good and rice paper is made of rice, and tuna has many good oils, and rice paper is used a lot in Chinese food. Tuna contains potassium and iron. Rice paper has low fat and calories. Cabbages can be used to prevent Alzheimer’s, and contain Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Carrots contain carotene, which prevents cancer and slows down aging in cells and also prevents heart disease and stroke. Mayonnaise is full of fat, but the fat it provides is not saturated fat, but the healthy type. I chose to make this because my mom had these and also because it is a very common aspect of Chinese food.

Eating this rather than a cheeseburger or some fries can make the difference between life and death. These “fast” foods contain carbohydrates and bad fats and increase your chance of developing obesity, and all the other diseases. Eating foods like fried foods can reduce the nutrition in them, so it is very important to eat healthy foods.

Choosing to eat foods like this may sufficiently decrease your chance of getting Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and many other common diseases. Making healthy choices is important for living a longer life and living a healthy one.