when the sky is darkest you can see the stars. except beijing is polluted. :)

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Spring Rock Trip 2018

The spring rock trip was a blast, and it was so exciting! I particularly enjoyed the ropes course because I got to see everyone above, and I liked the DNA bridge, the bridge that twisted in the middle. One of the challenges was getting on it in the first place because of the sudden shock of being above scared me and going on the wire above everyone. It also had no handrails but only ropes. I eventually went through and the last one was the same. Albeit scared I actually managed to do it! My other friends, Sally, and Tracy on the rock climbing wall, told me and guided me and told me which rocks to move on, whether right or left. We also told Sally which one to grip on because it was very hard and the rocks were far away.



I feel like today I am strongest in thinking because I have thought and explained my ideas to people and I have expressed my idea well. I have also evaluated and thought about other people’s ideas, supporting them or adding on.

I could be better at communicating my ideas to people or expressing agreement as well as talking and explaining about my idea.


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