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Animation Project Ignite Week – define and inquire

I decided to do an animation for my Ignite Week personalize it. I decided to use a few videos to do this as well as tutorials. I decided to do this because I want to pursue animation as a possible career choice and I need more experience in it.  I used these two tutorials:


Of course, you might be wondering, what is Toon Boom? I’m using Toon Boom Harmony for my animation. It is really hard to use and I’m just using the trial version as Toon Boom can be quite costly (73$ a year, wow). If I’d really want to pursue animation, I could download a free program like Blender or pencil 2d.

I decided to do some storyboarding. I’m planning to only finish about 20 seconds but the full animation is something I can pursue out of school. Toon Boom works sort of like with keyframes and regular frames. I also can use pegs to create character rigs.

While drawing all of this, I ran into a few problems, such as how to use keyframes and such. It was confusing to say the least. The program does look complicated but I figured out some hotkeys to use. Toon Boom is more like actual flipbook animation. Nevertheless, I continued with my animation.

I have a plan for the week to finish the sketch and then layer over it and possibly finish it with a white background. But if I really wanted to take it above and beyond I could add a background and some shading. That’d take some time, so I want to get the main animation done first. Getting a sketch done is presentable enough. I really enjoy my animation so far, so it’d take some time.

I’d really look forward to the end project!


Blog Post 2 – Social Entrepeneurship

We decided to survey a number of MS teachers (however the form is huge) and here are the answers we got (click to enlarge):

Survey results

Accordingly to our current survey count, approximately 21/32 people were interested in buying our product. Half of the people we interviewed gave us some recommendations and ideas they would possibly want for the product. The spreadsheet is quite large so as such we only put around half of the total number of people we interviewed.

I really like the support we got from MS language teachers to include the tags with bilingual labels. This would certainly allow them to be used for more teachers and help students learn languages. Also, a lot of the teachers who wanted these labels were ES teachers so we may adjust the market. We also learned from students that they would not have an interest in this product supply-wise but would really enjoy tags for their own belongings. I wonder why the counselor in 8 does not want the tags, and is it possibly because they already have them? Also I wonder why there’s a variation in price ranges, because some are extremely cheap while others are a bit more expensive and what they are pricing for the various items (bundles, 10 tags, 1 tag, etc.) As of this data, we’ve changed our product a little bit more to fit their needs, by making instrument tags and belonging tags.

Blog Post 1 – Market and Initial Idea

Initial Sketch



Our team (Manjishtha and Elizabeth) noticed that some teachers have labels when some don’t, while other teachers need new labels. The labels help teachers identify supplies in the classroom. However, some of the examples we saw were not eco-friendly, like some were laminated and printed. So, we decided we would make ours sustainable and eco-friendly.

While we were doing that, we got a few ideas. Some of them are instrument labels, luggage tags, and bathroom and PTA passes. We want teachers to buy our product and maybe parents and children as well (especially for the luggage name tags.)

They are going to be based on this project I did a while back.. We can use felt as the base and cardstock in the front. Also, instead of pipe cleaners, we’re using string as it is easier to attach and doesn’t damage the labels. We are going to be using Illustrator as our main program.

I can’t wait to see the final results!


The Mystery of the Enlarging and Shrinking Eggs

So, to sum things up. We did an experiment involving eggs, vinegar, water, and corn syrup. First, you pop two eggs in vinegar to dissolve their shell, and then wait 24 hours. Afterwards you put those two eggs in water and corn syrup separately and wait. When you take them out after 24 hours, the one in water should be swollen and the one in corn syrup will be shriveled. (h-heh, shriveled eggs.)
and like… shriveled heads from Harry Potter.

investigative design

investigative design + data table

observations + final model









My design is repeatable by another person because I have a procedure that states very clearly what to do and have an appropiate model as well. The investigative design says the liquids are vinegar, corn syrup and water. It also states what inquiry question topics we can observe! As well, it shows my prediction for what would happen. An improvement would definitely to be writing down the amount of liquid used and more specific instructions.

When I first watched the phenomenon, I thought that there might be air bubbles inside the egg escaping and going inside. However, it is much different after I weighed them, with their weight changing from around, not being the same, like my prediction. Also the egg in water didn’t float, because it should’ve if it had air bubbles. In corn syrup it turned from 75.4 to 51.56, which obviously shows it getting lighter, and 75.4 to 100.25 in water. After looking at the experiment, I believe that the egg membrane allows certain molecules to pass and certain not to pass with the size of the particle. Sort of like a netting? But a tiny microscopic one… So, in Karo Syrup, the glucose was to big to get in so water molecules went out of the egg so it shrunk, sort of an explanation for the watery consistency of the corn syrup (but it also did separate into layers), and how in the water, it enlarged because stuff couldn’t get out of the egg, but water molecules could flow freely in between the two.

This is called a selectively permeable membrane and apparently can also be seen in cells, letting nutrients get in and other things that might be useful to the cell. This is an effective way to sort things automatically as some molecules will harm the eggs while other molecules the egg needs. A cell is like an egg, with a membrane. The egg’s white fluid can also be like the cell’s cytoplasm and the yolk is like the nucleus. The nucleus contains genes, as does the egg. Some differences are that the egg can have a small baby in it and develop into a chicken while the nucleus cannot “hatch” a baby, but it can duplicate the cell.

Material moves in or out of a cell by passing through the membrane and the movement of matter is based upon particle’s sizes! Water molecules are smaller than sugar molecules so water can pass through the egg’s “netting” but glucose can’t.



Shrunken heads eggs for life and expanding eggs.

River Field Study : Data Collection 3

November 20th

Wenyu River

It seems that the people who owned the site left a little present for us! A fence has appeared there, spanning half of the river to under the bridge. This makes data collection harder for other groups but our two quadrants aren’t in the space that the fence extends to. Well, it’s okay anyways. Our data scored a 0 for both quadrants. Not a single ant in existence, but we found a dead ant just outside our quadrant 1. For a few minutes we pulled away at the  leaf litter but we didn’t see any bugs. In Quadrant 2, we couldn’t find it. A lot of leaves had falled and our quadrant was completely invisible, except for the noticeable patch of green grass.

Fence 🙁

Quadrant 1

Quadrant 2








Our data we collected so far. Our last data collection was in October and it was way more active by then. In October there were ants and in Quadrant 2, there was a glitch. Sorry about that! But regardless, it was more active and wasn’t covered by that much leaf litter.

These two are way different from in September when it was crawling with bugs. In January, I think that maybe we’ll have not a lot of bugs still, maybe 1-2 ants.



I feel like today I am strongest in thinking because I have thought and explained my ideas to people and I have expressed my idea well. I have also evaluated and thought about other people’s ideas, supporting them or adding on.

I could be better at communicating my ideas to people or expressing agreement as well as talking and explaining about my idea.


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