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Blog Post 3 – Social Entrepeneurship

So right after we surveyed teachers, we needed to find a cause to write our mission statement. Well, for some weird reason, we named our company/team Sustainablue. I don’t know why, but in our initial sketch, we wanted to help ocean plastics and the fact that our product is 100% recyclable and does not pollute.

After a bit of discussing with our team members, we came up with our mission statement. It is “Creating ecological organizational tools for a more organized community and cleaner ocean”. I feel like this accurately acknowledges our product and what it’s used for and the cause it advocates for. However, we are not a non-profit so we may have to keep some profits (?).

Each of our own team members have their own responsibilities. Elizabeth is the one in charge of financing, Manjishtha’s the one in charge of marketing, while I’m in charge of design.

I’m the one in charge of design because I am experienced with Illustrator and have used it many times, while I also understand how to make things look aesthetically pleasing and “clean-cut.” Along with this, I am able to find icons to use for our project while I also have the original files for the product.

Next, we have to do our elevator pitch. (and do the logo!)



I feel like today I am strongest in thinking because I have thought and explained my ideas to people and I have expressed my idea well. I have also evaluated and thought about other people’s ideas, supporting them or adding on.

I could be better at communicating my ideas to people or expressing agreement as well as talking and explaining about my idea.


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