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Make it: Reflect and Exhibit

1rst: finished with the felt! 2nd: testing out glue

3rd: hung up with a pipe cleaner. 4th: original

We finished the felt today by cutting it in the same shape of the icons and adding the same holes. We were going to use hot glue but it popped out and we didn’t like it’s messiness, so we used white glue instead. It was also a bit messy but it felt a little better to use. After fastening it onto a basket, we used pipe cleaner. Zip ties were too complicated and hard to get off and rings were too low. That’s also what they look like on the basket.

The highlight for me was probably creating them in Illustrator. It was really fun and challenging to make it so that the icons I made were able to be cut safely. A challenge was probably gluing them on since you had to match up the holes. In the end, it really turned out enjoyable and pretty.

Make It: Create and Improve

A small preview in Illustrator with our icons. In total, we finished 11 icons and we hope to make 4 sets. When they finished cutting, they looked good and nothing fell out.

This was a success and in my opinion, I wouldn’t change anything and that it’s fine the way it is now. Our prototype was in cardboard and after finding that it was very flexible, nice-looking and sustainable, we decided to use it for our final project.

Make It: Develop and Plan

This was our first prototype. We wanted to choose a square and not a circle because a square looked better.

These are the things we wrote down. There are more supplies though.

We also are going to choose between wood and acrylic, although I am leaning more towards acrylic because of color.

Make It: Define and Inquire

For ignite week, I chose Iconic FA! Since I was sick yesterday, I didn’t really get to make/search up an inspiration. Likewise, I didn’t do the first sketch and I hope I get that done soon.

Some students have a hard time getting materials in FA because there are no labels on the boxes! Using small icons, we can help put them on the boxes to make them easier to identify. Other times, some students may not be able to see whether a room is occupied or not and if it’s available for use. Our team is going to find out what icons to use for the material box.

From my interviews, a facilitator stated that they often use whiteboard markers, bins, and rulers when working, and that cabinet materials, ones that are hidden from sight, are much harder to find. They also stated that they’d prefer icons over just labels.

In another interview, a student stated that they liked to use/often used rulers and mathematical materials. They mentioned that finding protractors were hard. They’d prefer to use icons as well.

Using these interviews, I think we should use icons for the material boxes. Whiteboard markers are a necessity to label as they’re used almost everyday and also other materials such as the bins, rulers and other commonly used materials.

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