It sounds a lot like static in the beginning, this was because I used a pre-recorded track of a vent in the cafeteria. The faint “sparkling” sound is me clattering the utensils in the kitchen, and the notes in the background were made in Garageband. The vox is a prerecorded loop from Garageband’s resources.

I hadn’t imagined the air conditioning to be this loud and I really didn’t like how it turned out. I was originally going for a more action music, but the pre-recorded clips I got were not good and I didn’t get any good ones. I got inspired by a lot of songs that I like which are more of a lo-fi theme, which is more of the static noise and relaxing.

This music is very repetitive and very simple, which I don’t like, but this is my final project. This one was to use pre-recorded sounds that I got from the cafeteria. Recording these sounds were very easy but I had to make sure I wasn’t shifting the computer too much or else you could hear it. In the beginning you can hear a bit of talking, but it’s very faint. I love electronic music and I thought I would enjoy this but it didn’t come out like I expected.

Another trouble I had was to get the notes I made right, I think this was because of the loop I used. I didn’t know what key I was using so I just went along with it and didn’t really care. I feel like it’s a bit too rhythmic and I could definitely improve with more time given. Originally, I would’ve liked to add some small instruments but I didn’t know which ones sounded ideal, so I just went along with a xylophone-like synthesized sound.

To be honest, I didn’t like how this turned out, even if it kinda sounds like it’s raining in the piece, which was my intended purpose. I may have completed the goal I was going for, but I kind of did it half-heartedly or with not much effort, as composing’s not my thing. I really liked composing it though because I enjoy music and a lot of different types of music!