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Science Inquiry Project – Data Collection Update 5

March 7
Wenyu River

It’s March, and the winter has not left yet (the groundhog was wrong)! We didn’t see any bugs in our quadrant 1. Quadrant 2 was nowhere to be seen except we felt the crunchiness of the dying leaves beneath our feet. Although we did not see any bugs, this data collection wasn’t for nothing. We now have a visible trend, with our predictions being somewhat accurate. Our predictions were that the number of arthropods during winter would decrease, and that has proven to be true, with a smashing 0 on everything.

updated data table

On a happier note, life is springing back. Along the riverbank, many people reported seeing spiders crawling about in the grass. We actually managed to catch a few, five to be exact. The first one seemed to be missing a few legs. This is a sign that bugs will be returning soon, which will give a little more insight into our trends for this year.

Spooky scary spiders send shivers down your spine

waohhhh its me


Science Inquiry Project – Data Collection Update 4

January 25
Wenyu River

As January rolls around, winter is still seeping into the wildlife. No signs of birds and most of the plants have died. Truly depressing (not really.) We are doing our monthly data collection again. Last data collection was kinda…. disappointing, to say the least. First of all, last time we had no signs of life, except for 2 spiders scurrying around in the grass.

Quadrant 1 was very… blank. Like last time, there were no signs of ants. (Remember the fable about the Grasshopper and the Ants?) It reminds me of that. Hopefully, the ants are just in their little holes, hibernating (or resting) the winter away.  I hope when Spring comes, they return and we can collect better data.

Quadrant 2 was the same results. Even though we didn’t find the quadrant. As previously mentioned, there were green leaves surrounding our quadrant. This time, they have all died, the brown leaves crunching and blocking the quadrant. Last time there were signs of spiders, this time there’s none. Compared to the start of this inquiry, with wildlife chittering and chattering all around, to this bleak nothingness. It really has changed with the seasons, hasn’t it?


River Field Study : Data Collection 3

November 20th

Wenyu River

It seems that the people who owned the site left a little present for us! A fence has appeared there, spanning half of the river to under the bridge. This makes data collection harder for other groups but our two quadrants aren’t in the space that the fence extends to. Well, it’s okay anyways. Our data scored a 0 for both quadrants. Not a single ant in existence, but we found a dead ant just outside our quadrant 1. For a few minutes we pulled away at the  leaf litter but we didn’t see any bugs. In Quadrant 2, we couldn’t find it. A lot of leaves had falled and our quadrant was completely invisible, except for the noticeable patch of green grass.

Fence 🙁

Quadrant 1

Quadrant 2








Our data we collected so far. Our last data collection was in October and it was way more active by then. In October there were ants and in Quadrant 2, there was a glitch. Sorry about that! But regardless, it was more active and wasn’t covered by that much leaf litter.

These two are way different from in September when it was crawling with bugs. In January, I think that maybe we’ll have not a lot of bugs still, maybe 1-2 ants.

Science Inquiry Project – Data Collection 2

October 25th

Wenyu River (as always!)

We went out to our quadrants as usual, by the banks and near a tree. In Quadrant 1, there were considerably less ants than before, with now having only 26 when last time we had a whopping 48! Last time as well, there seemed to be more centipedes (at least 3) but now there seems to be none. Huh… weird. Maybe it’s because of the cold coming into Beijing?

In Quadrant 2, there were 7 spiders, more than last time. Maybe it’s to do with some foliage in our quadrant? There was an abundance of grassy weeds growing, more than last time. And we spotted 5 ants and 5 other unidentifiable bugs. They were pretty small and seemed to be in a hurry.

As for the activity chart, Quadrant 2 seemed to be more active than Quadrant 1, even though there 9 fewer bugs in our quadrant! This was because the spiders were fast and scurrying about, while the ants in the other quadrant were moving slowly and lethargically like they were drained of energy.

Since this is my first post about the Wenyu River, I’ll give you a little bit of info! We split into groups and got an inquiry project, which was asking a question about the Wenyu River. Ours were about the number, specific numbers, species, species number, and activity of bugs in our quadrants! We want to see how they will change throughout the year.

(Sorry for no photo- I will update once I get the photo)

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