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Blog Post 4 – Improvement

So we’ve pitched to our mentor and investor. So the question is, what do they think? We pitched to Mrs. Ridlon and she gave us many great ideas as well as questions and things we hadn’t acknowledged originally.

Of course, we’re going to continue with our idea of tags. We are still going to be selling to teachers and moving forward with our idea and expanding. Also, I think it is a good idea to keep discussing with our team. However, I believe that there are numerous things we could improve on. One contender is our price, as we will have to keep in mind the cost of labor and other materials that we didn’t acknowledge at first. I think we should keep the price at 5 but that may minimize our profits. Another thing we should improve on is the variety of things we are selling ,as we should sell in different colors (maybe?) or use different icons.

There are some ideas I am considering, such as for bilingual tags to make the text bigger and on different sides, since French and Spanish teachers seem to teach both languages. Another thing I might do is change the way the icons are displayed as well as the material I am using. I know how to use the laser cutter which is good, but I may have to do changes based on our prototype. I want to expand the audience we are marketing to and I also want to just expand our product as well.

I will show you the icon prototypes next week hopefully.

Blog Post 3 – Social Entrepeneurship

So right after we surveyed teachers, we needed to find a cause to write our mission statement. Well, for some weird reason, we named our company/team Sustainablue. I don’t know why, but in our initial sketch, we wanted to help ocean plastics and the fact that our product is 100% recyclable and does not pollute.

After a bit of discussing with our team members, we came up with our mission statement. It is “Creating ecological organizational tools for a more organized community and cleaner ocean”. I feel like this accurately acknowledges our product and what it’s used for and the cause it advocates for. However, we are not a non-profit so we may have to keep some profits (?).

Each of our own team members have their own responsibilities. Elizabeth is the one in charge of financing, Manjishtha’s the one in charge of marketing, while I’m in charge of design.

I’m the one in charge of design because I am experienced with Illustrator and have used it many times, while I also understand how to make things look aesthetically pleasing and “clean-cut.” Along with this, I am able to find icons to use for our project while I also have the original files for the product.

Next, we have to do our elevator pitch. (and do the logo!)

Blog Post 2 – Social Entrepeneurship

We decided to survey a number of MS teachers (however the form is huge) and here are the answers we got (click to enlarge):

Survey results

Accordingly to our current survey count, approximately 21/32 people were interested in buying our product. Half of the people we interviewed gave us some recommendations and ideas they would possibly want for the product. The spreadsheet is quite large so as such we only put around half of the total number of people we interviewed.

I really like the support we got from MS language teachers to include the tags with bilingual labels. This would certainly allow them to be used for more teachers and help students learn languages. Also, a lot of the teachers who wanted these labels were ES teachers so we may adjust the market. We also learned from students that they would not have an interest in this product supply-wise but would really enjoy tags for their own belongings. I wonder why the counselor in 8 does not want the tags, and is it possibly because they already have them? Also I wonder why there’s a variation in price ranges, because some are extremely cheap while others are a bit more expensive and what they are pricing for the various items (bundles, 10 tags, 1 tag, etc.) As of this data, we’ve changed our product a little bit more to fit their needs, by making instrument tags and belonging tags.

Blog Post 1 – Market and Initial Idea

Initial Sketch



Our team (Manjishtha and Elizabeth) noticed that some teachers have labels when some don’t, while other teachers need new labels. The labels help teachers identify supplies in the classroom. However, some of the examples we saw were not eco-friendly, like some were laminated and printed. So, we decided we would make ours sustainable and eco-friendly.

While we were doing that, we got a few ideas. Some of them are instrument labels, luggage tags, and bathroom and PTA passes. We want teachers to buy our product and maybe parents and children as well (especially for the luggage name tags.)

They are going to be based on this project I did a while back.. We can use felt as the base and cardstock in the front. Also, instead of pipe cleaners, we’re using string as it is easier to attach and doesn’t damage the labels. We are going to be using Illustrator as our main program.

I can’t wait to see the final results!


Social Entrepeneurship Project

For our social entrepeneurship project, our initial idea was to create organisation labels that can categorize materials and school supplies.

Here’s our prototype. As you can see, it’s upside down, but if you turn it around, it is a collection of ideas we had. Although some of the ideas didn’t seem to work, apparently the organisation labels were an alright idea. We decided to use this prototype of the diamond organisation labels. We didn’t have a lot of inspiration, but we took some from the labels I made for my old Ignite Week project. After this, we decided to go ahead with the idea and survey teachers. Our ideal market is teachers so they can put the labels in their classrooms and organise their supplies. I hope our idea does reach out a bit more though.

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