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Blog Post 6 – Collaboration

Our project seems to be going smoothly without a hitch. And here we are, the collaboration reflection. I enjoy working and discussing this project with Manjishtha and Elizabeth, we all have nice ideas and work together.
I believe that I am most successful in sharing ideas with my team, I give them nice ideas. I also try to put all my effort into my team and try to problem-solve when a problem arises. A thing that has shown itself that I realized was that I absolutely suck at completing work on time. Like actually. I think part of this is due to my (very poor) scheduling skills and the fact that I’m distracted easily by anything, like a good book. I could change this by becoming more focused and making a personal schedule for myself. I am also good with sharing ideas, because we have good ideas and we all communicate with each other. We came up with great ideas, and we also collaborated with each other. I went off-task a little bit because Elizabeth was absent and as such, we didn’t have anything else to talk about but financing but there was no initiative/motivative to start working on it because our prime focus was financing, something my available teammates and I were not experienced in. I do realize that I need to gradually improve my procrastination, and as such I can make a schedule and further communicate with my team.

Blog Post 5 – Prototype

On a waterbottle!


We finished our prototype from the design lab and here’s our finished product! I really like how it turned out but I feel like we could definitely spice it up a little bit.
I found out from this version that felt doesn’t stick very well to glue, and this one also helped me remember how to etch and glue lines. I realized that the backpack symbol looks like a robot head so I will be changing that.
On another note, I wonder if we can get the average letters in one name so we can make the name scan bigger. I also wonder how we are going to package these with our string.
One thing I will definitely change is the material I used along with the symbol. Prototype 1 is definitely a success.


Science Inquiry Project – Data Collection Update 5

March 7
Wenyu River

It’s March, and the winter has not left yet (the groundhog was wrong)! We didn’t see any bugs in our quadrant 1. Quadrant 2 was nowhere to be seen except we felt the crunchiness of the dying leaves beneath our feet. Although we did not see any bugs, this data collection wasn’t for nothing. We now have a visible trend, with our predictions being somewhat accurate. Our predictions were that the number of arthropods during winter would decrease, and that has proven to be true, with a smashing 0 on everything.

updated data table

On a happier note, life is springing back. Along the riverbank, many people reported seeing spiders crawling about in the grass. We actually managed to catch a few, five to be exact. The first one seemed to be missing a few legs. This is a sign that bugs will be returning soon, which will give a little more insight into our trends for this year.

Spooky scary spiders send shivers down your spine

waohhhh its me


Science Inquiry Project – Data Collection Update 4

January 25
Wenyu River

As January rolls around, winter is still seeping into the wildlife. No signs of birds and most of the plants have died. Truly depressing (not really.) We are doing our monthly data collection again. Last data collection was kinda…. disappointing, to say the least. First of all, last time we had no signs of life, except for 2 spiders scurrying around in the grass.

Quadrant 1 was very… blank. Like last time, there were no signs of ants. (Remember the fable about the Grasshopper and the Ants?) It reminds me of that. Hopefully, the ants are just in their little holes, hibernating (or resting) the winter away.  I hope when Spring comes, they return and we can collect better data.

Quadrant 2 was the same results. Even though we didn’t find the quadrant. As previously mentioned, there were green leaves surrounding our quadrant. This time, they have all died, the brown leaves crunching and blocking the quadrant. Last time there were signs of spiders, this time there’s none. Compared to the start of this inquiry, with wildlife chittering and chattering all around, to this bleak nothingness. It really has changed with the seasons, hasn’t it?


Project Collisions: Blog Post #2

This is our prototype 1. We made a parachute out of a bag and attached it with string. The string was pretty big.

The drop was not very… successful. It flew down fast, but the parachute did stop it a little bit, increasing the time it took to fall. Most of this came because the parachute was too long and we couldn’t expand it enough. It did not have a great force rating as it kept missing.

Next time, we would add more parachutes or make a larger parachute.

Shoot, the chocolate broke and it’s squishy. [DROP 0]

January 16th

Project Collisions is all about drones. And that means necessary testing so that our idea will work! We’re dropping from 10 meters, a box filled with candy, dubbed “The Mystery Box of Candy.” It might break, so we have to protect it! with our lives. The box we dropped today is 15 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm. It’s pretty small, but a lot of our consumers want different sizes, and of course, a huge box with candy is not at all healthy. It’s a white cardboard box with candy inside.

we didn’t put these sweets in… but you get the point

Apparently, I was the only one that brought candy, but it was chocolate, haha. Since we didn’t have other candies, we weighed it down with erasers and other items that resemble the weight of the candy.

Drop 0 is supposed to be kind of a control test to figure out what is successful and what’s not and how we need to protect our package in a sense. Say, maybe one of the packages breaks, so we realize we need to use stronger packages. Because of this, we are only dropping 5 meters. We also made a procedure so each time the way we drop doesn’t change.

At the drop, I noticed a lot of things. It fell at an average of 2 seconds and completely missed the force plate, our target both times. Coincidence or not? Anyways it was falling sort of quickly and bounced, which may have shaken the contents. We would like it to drop slower or be stronger to withstand the force of impact.

This is our logger pro graph after reviewing the footage. The blue dots are the meters it is getting closer to the reference point, while the red dots are the speed of meters/second.  The blue dots were at the distance of 5 (this drop) and it curves downward, as it falls more distance between each frame. In the end, it’s nearly at 0 but it is around -1 as the box bounces off of the target. The red dots show that its speed is relatively below 0, which means that it must have not moved as fast as a meter per second. At the center, it goes above 0, and that must be at the very end of the free fall, as it began to pick up speed

We would like to improve our drop, and we can improve it in several ways. One of the most important factors we need is to be accurate. Both times, we missed sorely, being so far from the goal we didn’t have a force measuring. We would like our packages to be accurate, landing where preferred, so it hopefully won’t end up at someone else’s house, in the garden, on the balcony, etc. Also, another metric is a soft landing. The more time it takes to fall means the slower it would fall, so we think it would be nice to have it drift slowly down, or at least not with sudden impact. It also bounced, so that might’ve damaged the package, so we want a stabler landing. Anothe metric would be the velocity, as we want it to go down slower, or at a slower rate of meters to second.



I hope that we can drastically slow down the way it falls and make it more accurate so it wouldn’t bang as hard into the ground.


data table


Stories Of The Future Blog Post

Habitat Reflection

In our habitat project with Cara, we built our habitat. We had a few challenges such as the file deleting itself and other annoying things, but the hardest difficulty was to get it in on time. This is because the file had made endless copies of itself and then we had to paste it in a new document and start all over. Another challenge was to incorporate my artifacts and my ideas. My character lives in a museum so it’s relatively hard for me to incorporate a house in my TinkerCad project. I instead used her “dream house”, a house that she would live in if she had a house. Since my character is the shy sort of observative girl, she has a glass room so she can look out at the city, and a garden since she pursuits plants as well. My artifact would be an aquarium. It printed out a blob 🙁 . But it shows that she cares about animals.



Yet to come…


old post I forgot to publish:

Thin Doors

Thin Doors

isn’t it ironic we are making sustainable habitats out of plastic

We are making sustainable future habitats out of plastic! Yay! These will be the habitats we are using in our stories, except… my character lives in a museum, so I’m modeling it off of her dream house. I was assigned to Cara as her teammate.




table ideas

final design







1 m = 40 mm


Printing Puzzles

We (Dragon Design) created a maze and 3d printed it.

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