The process of my catch-all


This product addresses the needs of my client by making sure she has everything she needs all in one instead of having it all scattered around the place. This Catch all also is very versatile and many others will find they can also use the small compartments for their needs. The impact this Catch all will be is it will help keep everything you need on a day to day bases. This product also makes it look very neat and organized for those of us who love the chances to share how beautiful our rooms are on every social media platform . Overall I think this product was successful because it is versatile and anyone can use it.

Art check in:

This is after the first session of art and I got my draft done. I am now working on a bigger piece of water color for my final project.  I added golden glitter to the outside of my quote and to some parts of my plants.

Diabetes = Death sometimes

       My dish is apples and oranges. I wanted to bring this because it was healthy and It was quick to make. this is pretty much in every culture



Diabetes is a huge problem in our community. More and more people are getting diabetes and some are even dying. so many people are getting diabetes but the main reason is because so many people are no getting enough healthy food.












Type on diabetes you can do nothing about you just get it. on the other hand type two you can prevent by getting exercise and eating healthy.

Hello world!


This Photo represents how I feel about 6th grade because you never know what is

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