Kelvin’s Catch All

If I did this again, I will make this in a smaller version, I will also put another piece of wood on top of my design.

Over all, I think this project is unsuccessful, because I did not finish this project in time, so I can still improve it if I have time.

One piece of advice I will give to a future to do this project is use time wisely, if you don’t use time wisely, you won’t have enough time to finish this project.

How do food affect your healthy

This unit is about how eating affect your health, and I chose this topic because I want to learn healthy food and unhealthy food, how do they do things to your body.



I chose this because this show the things that I researching, and the causes of death. This kind of things could be cause by food.

Things I should be eating

Eat good fat, Exercise, fiber rich food, less salt   food.Vegetables /fruit, eat these things will make you healthy, but don't eat too much.

Things I should be avoiding

Eat less of bad fat, high oil no smoking. Less sugar. Processed food. Man- made food. No high salt food.